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hunger games 1: day 5 / episode 8/finale p2

Jan 28, 2018 by aria_grande
M: Jacob becton 18 years old lifeiscool 11

M: Ocean water 17 years old matedog1209 3
F: Cleo Kavanagh 16 years old aria_grande 7

F: tori Watson 17 years old dj2722 5

M:jayson Aldwell 16 years old brainjak 7

F:Evelyn Grainer 16 years old purplebb4 6

F:angella Neville 18 years old analiese 6

24th Tyler king,14,d7 pokerking (killed by dawn)
23rd Dawn Alfafa,16,d11 scooby0000 (killed by tori)
22nd Nick porter,13,d11 nnewman3 (killed by cleo)
21st Kate macdaris,17,d5 macda27 (killed by apple)
20th Mac Novaris,17,d5 novamax243 (killed by Jacob)
19th Leo kang,17 d6 eyoomarcus (killed by ocean)
---------------------DAY 2------------------------------
18th Mario golatzo,17,d10 mario23 (killed by Jacob)
17th Apple mayson,18,d3 me2013 (killed by silver)
16th sloth roman,13,d12 sloth_roman (killed by apple)
15th melonie ledgefield,15,d8 birks4444 (fell to death)
14th hiyoko Saionji,17,d2 pikaplayer (killed by angella)
13th alexa tia,18,d1 hellocat (killed by ocean)
---------------------DAY 3-----------------------------
12th x holder,18, d2 firex (killed by wolf)
11th Karen Sharapova,17,d6 girllover101 (killed by weaton)
10th silver low,15,d12 silver09 (killed by lev)
---------------------------DAY 4-----------------------------
9th lev Bolt, 14, d3 levvy (killed by ocean)
8th weaton cross,14 d9 iichaoskimmy (killed by Jacob)
7th ???? (killed by tori)
------------------------------DAY 5------------------------------

Episode 8/ finale part 2

As tori finishes off the person that was lieing down her and ocean run away towards the cornucopia not stopping for anyone. Meters to the west of them cleo and jayson are spying on the two as the fire trails after the two pairs.

Jayson looks at cleo as he runs and grabs a spear from his bag readiying for a shot. Jayson looks back to tori and ocean but then back to tori as she is a meter behing of ocean. Getting ready to shoot, jayson pulls the spear back then throws in allmighty strength. Second after you hear a little screal that comes from tori. Jayson watches the girl bleed from her fore arm not seeing ocean sneak behind him and cleo. As cleo turns around trying to sneak away from jayson she is struck down with a punch to her stomach. She looks up to see the broad figure of ocean stand over her slim body. Ocean grabs cleo's hair then chucks her into a tree several meters away. Luckily, she only was winded.

Cleo tries to get up but her body starts to fail. Suddely, her eyes start to roll and she collapes. Ocean looks at her frail body and gives a merciless shot to her brain killing her instantly


Ocean looks back at jayson and jumps on top of him. Jayson tries to break free but ocean's strength is just too much for the boy. Ocean grabs his knife and readys his knife by the boy's chest. Just about to kill the boy, ocean feels the smoke go into his lungs and knows he needs to escape. Ocean grabs onto toris arm and literally drags her till they get to safety leaving jayson.


Evelyn looks around the arena seeing the flames reach to the canopy of the trees all around her. She laughs as she lays a mine about 2 yards from the mouth of the cornucopia. After she does she walks back to the mouth and lays her weapons and supplies onto the floor, choosing her weapon she wants to win with. She finally picks a spear that has a slim body and a hand-sharpened point at the end. Evelyn tosses it from one hand to another keeping herself alert. She is then startled by the loud roar of the boom over the arena.
“ Oh shit, 19 down 6 to go”
Evelyn starts to think about the two dead in recent hours trying to figure who they are.
“ What about Jacob? Is he dead? Surely to god he is dead by now”
Evelyn carries on watching the skyline as the trees burn to ashes


I am revealing 7th to you all tomorrow



Sent by BrainJak,Jan 28, 2018
Yassss finally wounded 😂😂

I think Jacob is dead as it can only be between him and Angela
Sent by DJ2722,Jan 28, 2018
I really think Angella is dead :(((( I just hope it’s Jacob, I’m stanning for queen Ang
Sent by Analiese,Jan 28, 2018
Me killing my District 4 partner...
Sent by Matedog1209,Jan 28, 2018

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