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hunger games 1: night 2/ep3

Jan 3, 2018 by aria_grande

M: Jacob becton 18 years old lifeiscool 11
F: Alexa Fia 18 years old hellocat 4

M: X holder 18 years old firex 7
F:Hiyoko Saionji 17 years old pikaplayer 8

M: Lev bolt 14 years old levvy 6

M: Ocean water 17 years old matedog1209 3
F: Cleo Kavanagh 16 years old aria_grande 7

F: Karen Sharapova 17 years old girllover101 10

F: tori Watson 17 years old dj2722 5

M:jayson Aldwell 16 years old brainjak 7

M: weaton cross 14 years old iichaoskimmy 4
F:Evelyn Grainer 16 years old purplebb4 6

F:angella Neville 18 years old analiese 6

M: Silver Low 15 years old silver09 7

24th Tyler king,14,d7 pokerking (killed by dawn)
23rd Dawn Alfafa,16,d11 scooby0000 (killed by tori)
22nd Nick porter,13,d11 nnewman3 (killed by cleo)
21st Kate macdaris,17,d5 macda27 (killed by apple)
20th Mac Novaris,17,d5 novamax243 (killed by Jacob)
19th Leo kang,17 d6 eyoomarcus (killed by ocean)
---------------------DAY 2------------------------------
18th Mario golatzo,17,d10 mario23 (killed by Jacob)
17th Apple mayson,18,d3 me2013 (killed by silver)
16th sloth roman,13,d12 sloth_roman (killed by apple)
15th melonie ledgefield,15,d8 birks4444 (fell to death)

episode 3/night 2

Angella is walking through the dense jungle looking at all the exotic plants that surround her. Angella looks down at some plants and starts to last them without her knowing the affects of eating the plants. Angella starts to go very wheezy and passes out,out of sight.

Several minutes later she wakes up but with a harsh reality. That hiyoko the girl who see was watches only hours before walking past her half conscious body.

Hiyoko: Ugh I am so hungry. Hopefully my plant knowledge will work out

As angella keeps in hiding hiyoko picks the same plant as angella did when she passed out. when she eats it her body just drops and when she does angella gets the time to stab her in the heart, while she can.

Tori and ocean walk to the south of the map near where the district 1 tributes where just minutes ago.

Tori: Hey look*points to the ground foot prints
ocean: Oh fuck someones nearby
tori: Or two people. Shall we attack
Ocean: Yeah okay th....
Ocean is flung back several feet as an arrow plunders into his left upper arm. The two of them look for the person and see Jacob. Ocean gets his mace ready and tori gets her sword ready. The two start running but ocean sees Jacob's partner is cowering behind a tree. Ocean runs to her and slams his mace in her chest till her breathing stops


Ocean returns to tori and sees Jacob just waiting there with sword in hand

Jacob: Whos first

suddenly ocean launches his mace into Jacob's windpipe but misses then tori launches her sword at his shoulder. Jacob staggers away several feet then turns then runs


weaton and evelyn and walking through a meadow which they found while searching for food

weaton: Ugh I really need food
evelyn: Me too. We will get it soon

Suddenly 3 rabbits hop near them and the two kill them in a heart beat and start to make a fire

weaton: Yes food

weaton's eyes look pleased to see the sight of cooked meat. As its done he grabs it of the fire and munches down a whole rabbit

evelyn: We need to get this put out before anyone spots us

weaton: No just leave it make it like a false fire
evelyn: Okay if your sure

the two leave the meadow and back into the thick jungle.


Several minutes later lev sees the fire and stays hidden but no one comes for hours until some one creeps behind him with weapon raised. As lev turns around he sees silver with weapon raised. As lev turns silver drops his weapon and sits next to him

silver: Sorry about apple I just had to get rid of her she was too strong
lev: Yeah I get it I will just move on about it. I didn't really speak or know her back where I came from. I from the poor side of d3, she from the rich. So its basically a tale of two different people
silver: Yeah I was friends with sloth and when you know them more its hurts harder
lev: What happened with her
silver: She died of a seizure of some sort. I think it could have been her nerves
lev: Yeah so how is life back at 12
silver: Tough. Definitely tough. There are only 10 000 in d12 so its small and more chance of getting put in the arena but the main thing is the mine explosions that happens and my mom is a healer so she treats whoever comes in her door or just says if they will die or not
lev*chuckles*:So basically the angel of death
silver: Yeah you could say that. Anyways why are you waiting here?
lev: One reason for cover and two I am spying on this fire to see if anyone claims it
silver: Ohh if anything does happen I will attack them okay?
lev: Yeah sure

The career group are still by the waterfall but figure something is happening with the water

cleo: Hey guys look at that
*cleo points at the changing water which changes to a distinct purple colour *
jayson: Oh shit
*Karen goes to touch it but her hand gets scarred and scabbed as she touched it*
Karen: Ahh. My hand is spasming
*Karen's nerves starts to make her hand shake uncontrollably*
X: Okay no one have a drink from the water tonight hopefully it will turn back to normal in the morning
cleo: Hope so*cleo looks worried but pleased at what happened to Karen*


The seal goes high n the sky

District 1 female

district 2 female

distict 3 female

district 8 female

distict 10 male

district 12 female

So 12 have died in two days and already strange things are happening

favourite character
least favourite
best death
worst death
who will be killed in day 3?
are you shocked about lev and silver teaming up?
did u like the purple water



Sent by Mickiejames22,Jan 3, 2018
favourite character At this point, I really think Ocean is the best character in this cast.
least favourite Not too sure, but the Careers are bland af
who will be killed in day 3? Who knows?
are you shocked about lev and silver teaming up? I feel like ulterior motives are in play.
did u like the purple water: If I had "liked the purple water", you're implying I would actually drink from it to begin with.  :P  But eh... it was too... what's the word I'm liking for.  It didn't kill anyone.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 3, 2018
favorite character Weaton, he seems like a winners pick here also growing more fond of Ocean.
least favorite Jacob if I had to pick one
best/worst death Hiyoko's at least for this episode, I label it as both because while I'm sad that she died I did get a good laugh out of how it happened seeing how random it was...I hope I'm not sadistic for saying that.
who will be killed in day 3? Not a clue.
are you shocked about lev and silver teaming up? A little,but I expected someone to team up with Silver
did u like the purple water It was...meh, not enough action with it.
Sent by pikaplayer,Jan 3, 2018
favourite character: Ocean. Duh.
least favourite: Probably Jacob.
best death: I find it ironic Hiyoko was a plant person but the first one she ate ended up killing her. Lol
worst death: Probably Apple because she was robbed.
who will be killed in day 3?: Hopefully the 2 Careers.
are you shocked about lev and silver teaming up?: I mean no. People do what they have to to survive. It won’t last.
did u like the purple water: Yes. Nice choice. Just make it kill someone. :) not ocean tho. :)
Sent by Matedog1209,Jan 3, 2018
Sent by Analiese,Jan 3, 2018
Sent by Lifeiscool,Jan 3, 2018

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