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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

6thApr 7, 2021 by anthousai
imagehere's the yearly opinion blog i need health will update in a bit

#melindaMrskk: callum <3 honestly I don't really remember how we met but I'm assuming it was from a wild frookies rampage back in 2017 LMAO. we've definitely also played a stars that I have no recollection of but we've always just worked well tg. you've always been super kind and I think you're iconic!

#Hisoka: I'm happy we were able to clear up any bad blood from the past. you're really funny and we had some MEMORIES. frookies circa 2017 birthed a beautiful friendship and all of our little side chats were iconic like geneva divas and whatever the fuck me, you and ben were. you kinda carried me in games and I'll always appreciate that duh

#christossss: hello mister toast. we honestly have a lot of mutual friends but have never really crossed paths until ETC rivals. oh also when I asked about you and marwanes inside joke that I fell victim to. you were very lovely to talk to when we did briefly and I'm sorry I thought you were FRENCH. honestly you probably saved mbarns ASS I thought you were super chill so it cancelled your partnership out like PEMDAS.

#J2999: I was not the happiest with you the past week mr. JAMESON but our friendship will always prevail over games. we kind of are the worst allies sometimes but that's okay because we survived a frookies rivalry. our friendship really did age like wine it kind of just works out like you said that we have a lot of mutual friends. I'll always think you're super sweet, and genuine, and I love the rare occasions we slay BLOX :-)

#FighterMan: I SMELL AN UGLY RAT. for as much as I hate you, I love you at the same time. I will never say anything kind about you but will also die for you. you are my new bestie, my sheep, and my free math tutor when I cry over numbers. I love how you're really bad at obby king it brings me serotonin. you're an absolute psycho gemini who always chooses violence and I stan. our 3 am trauma talks are v funny and here's ur tarot for the day: the cards said ur a little BITCH. ok love u

VansAccountNumber534: your username was really hard to type maybe when you get permed again pick something a bit easier thank u. thank you for acknowledging my spam one day that's probably the closest we've had to an interaction. your blogs are quite funny you're definitely a connoisseur at blogging. you seem quite nice have you considered dyeing the ginger hair to maybe a nice platinum blonde?

iiGalaxyii: ANDREW MY KING!! my original perception of you was so bad I thought you were boring and you had me malding pls forgive me. i'm so glad we're besties now we're honestly kind of the same person when you think about it. ENFP aquarius icons who both hate fighterman. your taste in music is also just immaculate we're both giant ari stans. you're so loyal and funny and just an overall king <3

Lemjam6: honestly kind of aged like wine recently. we were friends for a good while and then we got into all that drama but I'm really happy she kind of died with ETC rivals. like as much as we disliked each other there's no denying you're really loyal to the people you're close to and I'm happy that could be us as of recently. I for sure thought you and matt were going to kill each other but I'm happy the way it worked out with all of us on good terms!!

Eoin: the best group game host on this website obviously. you've always been super sweet but you did kind of have me malding in SARS LMAO. but alas I'm absolutely obsessed with your accent idc if that's weird Irish accents are kind of top tier and I love the fact that you've watch derry girls the best sitcom to be made. while we've never really chatted privately I respect you a lot and absolutely love playing ETC she's so fun :-)

iSandeh: honestly you kind of aged like wine too. like we never really interacted until total madness and that just ended so tragically for both of us you demolished me while I was in a walmart parking lot. I do think you're a king we kinda had a really random heart to heart one random tuesday morning at 5 am and it was just rly interesting! you're v funny and I'm happy we are pals and I'm your jdog wrangler when you need him

SmoothStalker12: aww calvin I had you filtered for the longest time :). your spam was annoying please never spam me again (jk heart). I think you're very selfless and genuine and always want the best for people. you're just like a good person but sometimes the shit you say about brendan makes me want to crawl under a rock WTF! like get a ROOM! but yeah you're very kind if you ever need anything lmk. attention? my first born child? yours.

peace123: connor I remember we were like also frookie fiends back in 2017. I have v bad memory but I'm pretty sure we would work tg and never really had issues with each other!! I remember you being super funny but we haven't really interacted in the past couple of years :( hope you are well

phonee: kind of the same as connor where I think back in the day we've crossed paths and have played frooks and potentially a stars tg? but we haven't interacted in a hot minute. I've always thought you were super nice and idt we've ever had any problems!! I think the tg public knows who this is or at least I hope but ya the new account is looking very chic she's serving

Guigi: honestly? you kind of exhibit legendary behavior. BUT UR USERNAME ISNT PRONOUNCED GEY-GEY ITS GWE-JEE IDCIDCIDC. you've always been super friendly to me even though we haven't crossed paths on here much and I appreciate that!! you're really so sweet and you kinda slayed in that last stars you played I have nothing bad to say about you!!

GiGi10: imagine being a straight man who hates women and heavy AR's in fortnite in 2021 its just disgusting behavior. kind of a ride or die but you make it really hard to be nice to you BECAUSE UR MEAN TO ME LIKE 90% of the time. ur a very loyal friend and when i'm off my shit you say like logical things to help sometimes! or ur my 13th reason depends on the day. i can't wait for ur 30th birthday party this year we're gonna turn up at stop and shop. making you mald in fort is a hobby at this point. i'd kind of fight someone for u but also being nice to u takes years off my life hugs sm

Christian_: I'M SO HAPPY WE'RE GETTING MARRIED! um we kind of met first in E&F total madness where we weren't on the same side at all but I refused to vote you out bcus of FREEDRICK love that little bean more than anything. and then flash forward to the blox chat we've been besties ever since. i'm so happy we got so close in the past few months you're really just such a genuine gem and ily. I love that you fort with us but HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU BETTER?? i'd die for both Sister Christa and freedrick you're my loves and you deserve the best

DarkTyphoon23: also one of the beautiful gems I met in 2021. i'm so happy we got closer you're so iconic and always just radiate fun/positive vibes. you're a super loyal pal and I also love playing fort with you although you stress me the FUCK OUT! there will be 2 minutes til the storm moves or something and you'll be like WE HAVE TO GO NOW OH MY GOD!! we kind of also live the same life but on opposite sides of the map the only difference is ur an old man but a youthful soul nontheless love u janathan

Natepresnell: NOT ONE OF MY FAVE ETC ALLIES >:-(! but one of my fave humans. i kind of accidentally ignore you for days but u still choose to be my friend thank you. my opinion of you from like a year ago has changed drastically i think ur like a very loyal gamebot pet and i enjoy your humor/sarcasm. you're fake because the one day you blox'd it wasn't with me SAD. but yes 90% of the time you're a very loyal friend and i'll give you a tarot reading one day hugs

Marwane: kind of the same as christoast I kind of group u guys together. we've never really crossed paths until you thought my name was like pronounced nthuzy?? you were also a very loyal ally in SARS and robbed WAY too soon. okay going through our msgs you were actually really loyal like you would leak ppl shit talking me and i stan you for that. we don't rly talk much but from what I've gathered abt you you're a very kind and likable person!!

s73100: I am so proud of you for becoming one of the richest men on tg today legendary behavior truly. you kind of sent me to my death but I love you regardless. we also had random beef??? the dumbest beef?? and i'm so happy we're besties now. I can't wait to officiate you and daniels tropical hawaiian wedding and then have you run me over in a pink sparkly whip. you're such a fun person and you always radiate the best vibes in any situation ily king

Brayden_: i mean we were really close and i considered you my best friend for like two years but shit happens. we had like no music that we liked in common but pretty much liked all the same shows/movies. actually i lied i think you're a random mgk stan now and i get that. but yeah I'm pretty sure I wrote this before but there's no ill will on my end i don't have an issue with you

skyler1822: i've seen you around and you've commented on some of my blogs in the past but idt i know you too well unfortunately :( i think you're a real girl?? which is cool we kind of need to repopulate tg and take it over from the men. we've never crossed paths but my mails r always open i'm sure you're a lovely person!

Galaxies: i think you're an older user who's recently returned to the website as many others did but i wasn't around for ur era :-(. i always see you posting pyns and oh my gosh how do you have the energy to do so many like they take so much time and effort?? i give u credit. we're in a game together now and from what i've gathered so far you seem like a very lovely person so my hopes r high for us!

Oysterman11: STYN. aggressive papa. sometimes your sarcasm makes me cry but that is okay when i have thicker skin i will thank you. your cat is the most majestic cat on this planet her fur colors are just so pretty please tell kiwi i love her. you were kind of the life of the quarantine party when you'd send pass the drink snapchats. you're my bloodline and i'll always be loyal to you even when i want to cut ur fingers off. fort soon or die this is not an invitation its a threat

Willie_: my dumb pretty bff. you lack so much common sense but know how to do extreme math and i love it. i absolutely live for ur unpredictability and voice notes like it'll be a random wednesday afternoon and out of nowhere you'll be like did 15 tequila shots <3 my air sign pal with a fresh fade ALWAYS! you're really like one of the most loyal ppl on this website you'd go to bat for your friends and ily for that. I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO BUY ME A CAR BESTIE!! ok hugs can't wait for our meetup supervised by someone bc neither of us have any common sense while impaired and i honestly feel like you'd leave me to die in a miami bar

BrenLa: CHARLES. bren bean u old fuck. kind of the same as calvin where if you asked me to do anything i'd do it simply because you're u. want me to drive off a cliff?? buy u a whale??? done and done. you're like a cute little old grandpa i just wanna pinch your cheeks and feed you oatmeal because it's all you can mentally do at ur age. AND I'M SORRY I NEGLECT UR MESSAGES SOMETIMES OKAY IM TRYING! IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! you're just so interesting like ur probably the nicest human on tg but if you got arrested for burning down a building i also wouldn't be shocked. OK HEART!

spikedcurley: one of my OG friends on here and such a legend. you're absolutely one of the nicest humans on and off tg i've ever met. you just always radiate positive and comforting energy. i'm sorry i've broken our streak like 973 times :(. also your random sc messages are always so nice and appreciated you're an iconic original geneva diva and i miss the days we'd run the frooks battlefield. ily!

Cheeseman2468: aw alex you're one of the nicest stars allies i've honestly ever had. and one of the nicest people on this site i've encountered in general as well. you were always so loyal and positive and that was super appreciated. i think we also merged tg a bit back i could be wrong but you're a super kind person. we haven't really crossed paths in a while but i hope you're doing well these days

Washed_Ravioli: zachary. kind of one of my new faves. you're so loyal and we literally kind of live the same life i would NOT be shocked if we've accidentally met irl before and not even noticed like there's no way we haven't. you're just a super fun person to talk to and we can relate about our academic pain on so many levels which is comforting. we're both neglecting our hw right now i love that for us <3 but yeah i'm really glad we got closer over the course of the last few months and if u need me call me beep me or just show up at my doorstep either works (jk dont do that...)

jdog: simply my fave. i love being in an open t-relationship w you. i miss the quarantine days where we'd all stay up until a ridiculous time to play LUDO and you'd win 4/5 times because no one wanted to kill you. i also miss when we stayed up til like 8 am watching outerbanks on call where all i'd hear was ur mom whipping it on the elliptical. you're so so loyal and giving and you know ily can't wait 2 get drunk with you one day

ClassiCaz5: I think we crossed paths a longgg time ago in like a hunger games or something but other than that we haven't really talked :(. we also were on the same survivor tribe last week for like a *hot* minute it sucks we both kinda got tossed to the curb. from the little we spoke though you seem like a nice person!!

Typhlosion37: i am not going to lie you are one of the funniest/scariest stars allies i've encountered. like you literally BROKE STARS?? and then campaigned the whole game and were more active than 60% of the cast it was just really funny u were so aggressive about it and i think you made finals or got really far. we haven't spoken a whole lot or crossed paths since then but i honestly think you're really funny from what i've seen

gabrieltrezza: aw gabriel you're definitely like such a blunt and outgoing person i remember our first encounters you were just so straightforward. sometimes u scare me please never snapchat me shit like "do you want me to woof for you mommy" again :'-). you're funny and i kind of live for like your rant snapchats/stories. pls take care of whatever car you get next better she deserves it...hugs

JasonXtreme: jason dad king father legend. i remember you were like one of the first estoy people i actually befriended in that hg when that idiot matt died you were so loyal and i'm so happy we're friends. you're also one of the nicest people i've encountered like you're always so positive and you deserve everything in the world. we don't talk much anymore because estoy is well...muerto (dont come for me if this is wrong) and that is SAD but you're such a king love u

Kaylabby: we've never really crossed paths but i think you're also a pretty original/older user on here and a real woman. feminism! i hope women take over this website or something. but yeah we haven't really played anything together or interacted (if we have i'm sorry i have the memory of a goldfish) but i'm sure you're a nice person!!


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