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17thMay 1, 2018 by anthousai
for an onion before I sleep

jackyboy - we've never talked but you seem to be friends with a lot of iconic real girls so you're probably v nice? I think I see your blogs often because you look very familiar but I don't really know much about you :( we should talk sometime and I hope you get a beagle hun I had one and he was the most precious thing

XxLoveWakizaxX - hun you already know I adore you <3 you were literally my only ally in my first frooks ever when I had a (as Thirteen once said) knockoff morticia addams default avi. I remember having literally no idea what to do and you were the only person who gave me the time of day so I appreciate that. you definitely had a big part in me growing from a baby noob and I'm so glad bc you're one iconic funny bitch. remember when we used to premade as the sluts alliance w nichole98 that was so iconic I hope we play again soon hun

Mexus - to me I always knew you as Hisoka's third friend when me and him were friends ghbahgjma other than that I don't really know you but I'm kind of mad you gave Vlad an 18 on your pyn because now I'm not gonna hear the end of it :-( jkjk but you seem like a sweet person so uh slaps a gold star on your forehead

spikedcurley - GREG <3 I don't even know how long we've been friends but I think it's safe to say you're the nicest person on here ever and our streak is 65 days strong!! we went through a rough patch over somethin dum but I'm so happy we were able to like just go back to the way things were before bc what is a world where ur not my buddy. you also love the 100 which makes you awesome and the few times we called were iconic and during our geneva diva phase. such a sweet soul keep doing u buddy

Hash - Sandy omg my new friend from stars (or are u?) jkjk but I'm so glad I met you and I'm supa happy you won you deserved it hun!! I will never forget vlad telling me the entire game "Krista he's playing u" "Krista you can't let him go unnommed" ofc I didn't listen and he was right but I never disliked ya for it. I can't believe we're both from the same place?? and you went to my dream school?? icons only. but fr you're super sweet and I enjoy talking to ya <3

Paige54 - iconic sweet real girl who I sometimes feel like I need to protect from a distance because you're so young on a website full of scary men. you're one of the nicest people on here like wow I don't think I've ever seen you be mean to anyone and I know you're an ALANOR SHIPPER me 2 girl but I think we've only played games together a couple of times?? we never really talk but it's clear you're such a genuine person and I hope ya sugar daddy felipe is treating you well hun

Brayden_ - I remember seeing ur blogs and thinking u were annoying but it took time to realize ya just a troll probably my fave one. behind ur blogs I actually think you're a p cool dude who's actually v nice. you love like all the same shows as me but I will never forgive u for trashing panic at the discos new music :-( I always feel like I have to ask u a question bc I feel bad nd I hope this season of the 100 is good Octavia is the badass commander we deserve. hope u snatch jadennator1

Babeeeidah - I think the only interaction we've had is when you commented that I have a whiny voice on my vlog but I couldn't argue with tea so I know I sound like a 12 year old boy and now thats all vlad likes to talk about. I feel like a lot of people either love you or dislike you but I don't really know you that well :-( and you're a real girl so thats kind of iconic we can bond over being 2% of the tg population

meduncan - oh wow this is going to be hard to give an onion since I don't know you all that well. well first of all I think the background for your avi is poppin and v cute also I see those demi lovato lyrics on your page so you must have a p good taste in music. also I'm really hoping you like riverdale bc of your frat if so will you be the Veronica Lodge to my Cheryl Blossom?

SmoothStalker12 - wow! you're like one of those people who's names I see all the time but have never ever talked to or really know anything about but I'll try my best here. I think I know you as like Olivia's friend because when she was iconic and in stars you would blog about each other. also iconic taste in music and 100% approved for using a gif of Dan on your profile we support the king of BB. other than that um you seem nice?

peace123 - CONNOR ICON! I don't even remember why we were talking that one night but that conversation was really iconic and I feel like that birthed (is this a word? what is english at 12:40 am?) our friendship. I realized that we're both on the same level of bullshit and we both have TO DUMP OUR MEN because feminism! i'm started a new ship called #consta I speak it into existence. you are hella funny and if you kpell this vivor like you did last time I'll pull up and fight you but LY XO!

@Brxan - bryan king of nomming me in frookies! YOU -11 MY BLOGS BC I DONT REPLY ON SKYPE BUT I BARELY CHECK IT wow rig but anyway my bf is like super gay for you so I'm gonna make a contract where we can share him you'll get him on the weekends Xo! a lot of people don't like you but you've been nothing but nice to me so you're a king for that and I really can't believe u had an iconic duo with maturo in stars wow we love a good plot twist luv ya hun

ronnie336 - icon! I remember actually not liking you for a bit bc of some dumb af hunger where I think u called me a cunt but who cares I think you're a super sweet and pretty girl. I remember seeing ur vlog with garrie and being shook I support a queen. I literally just remembered the iconic real girls tribe with you, me, nichole and ashley I think?? we all flopped but anyway keep slayin the game girl

JonMcGillis - WOAH IDK YOU BUT I CAN'T SEE UR AVI and that's pretty gosh darn cool my guy. I sadly have never interacted with you and I can't tell much about you from ur page that's kind of mysterious wow keep people guessing who the real JonMcGillis is. i'm getting really tired and I didn't want to make urs short so I'll just say uh hmu anytime if you wanna drink juice?

jadennator1 - I actually think you're such a queen. before I saw your vlog all I knew you by was Braydens blogs saying he's in love with u and girl he has a reason to be you're so pretty and it seems like you have a really funny personality. ur avi is so cute AND I SEE THOSE SPN GIFS U HAVE such an iconic show im shook. we've never talked or played a game together but you seem like such a genuine person :)

Steel - I feel like I've heard ur user before but I don't really know much about u :-( ur avi looks like a stoner so thats pretty cool I guess and it seems like you slay games congrats on that stars win last year buddy. wish I knew more about ya than a Bill Clinton (i think thats him) gif on ya profile

Nexus97 - ur not allowed to get two onions good bye unless ur gonna swim across the ocean like I asked

levonini - oh wow! I've never actually talked to you but I think you're super iconic and you blessed tg with TGDR. the amount of work you put into those videos has me shook I think you hosted another org like T-vivor?? I totally could have just made that up but yeah tgdr constantly snatches my wig. I think we were in a frooks once together but you were in a giant premade and all thot Hisoka was playing on my account but he wasnt ehgahgoanj other than that I think you're a doll and I adore you

BengalBoy - hey king dru! I really think you're like the most iconic tger and when you grace the blogs page with your presence all the gays pop their bussys for you. you could blog that you just sneezed and get like +829 people obvi love you on here. I think you're a top notch "lad" and the random musical/dog snapchats you send are 10/10 maybe let me borrow ur dog sometime bc its a real cutie


Me :)
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Was forced to pyn
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Paige ❤
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me since we hae never interacted
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i want one
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