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7thApr 27, 2018 by anthousai
What I learned this stars is that I play a million times harder when I don't have a close friend with me. I never wanted to win just because I was a "real girl" I wanted to win because I was playing a good game and I really tried my best :) I actually loved this cast to death yall are adorable <3

capguy1 - Seeing you at first made me nervous because I know you disliked me and thought I was a threat but I'm so glad we got to solve whatever problems we had! I wish we could've sooner so you could've made it farther

titoburitto - TITTY! I am so glad we actually became friends omg you are so funny and I'm sorry I couldn't find a cock pic for you ;( I WISH THE POWERPUFF GIRLZ SLAYED and became an iconic real girl alliance but I'm sorry I failed u you were ROBBED <3

Hash - My ride or die once joe left #strongisland pride, you are so sweet and I'm so glad I got to meet you, I HOPE YOU WIN HUN <3 also this is like my favorite convo this entire stars
[9:02:22 AM] Sandy: Any fun plans today?
[9:03:50 AM] Krista: just class I’m on call w Vladimir putin rn hbu?
[9:05:24 AM] Sandy: Lmfao are u really what
[9:05:34 AM] Sandy: Putin is a leading icon
[9:05:57 AM] Krista: nO lmao I mean vlad
[9:06:00 AM] Krista: vlad21
[9:18:17 AM] Sandy: I am so dumb
[9:18:42 AM] Sandy: Legit thought putin was your special guest in class 😂

chibideidara - Another new york icon you are so funny and I loved playing with you, I think you're playing the best game and have a really good shot at winning my dude I wish we could've worked together until the end but we started locking each other in fhabvhan

cfff - I kind of wish we talked more because you seem super nice but early on people told me you flipped on me and joe nd were scared of my vagina so that's why I kept locking you in until the end but you seem to be slaying these polls so gj man

Dane_Williams - We only talked a couple of times but you seemed to be very loyal and smart and you were nothing but nice to me so thank you man


screamfan0061 - Spencer omg your vlogs had me cackling every single time I know we didn't work together for a long ass time but we should've because outside of this game I adore you AND YOUR CHEMICAL PEEL THE REAL WINNER OF STARS 493

DanielleDonato - iconic real girl! amazing lez bean! I knew you were close w joe and I thought that meant maybe we could've been close but we only talked a couple of times I wish we talked more and not just about popping pillars ;(

LiukBB - It was either me or you day 1 and I think ur v nice but we didn't really talk at all so

JourdanBabyXoXo - Buttercup! another powerpuff girlz icon! I think you were so robbed, you're a super sweet girl and I think people were threatened by that I wish you made it farther hun you deserved it

lexibear - Joe you were so robbed nd I hope I made you proud by making it this far I realized that when you left I didn't have anyone to sheep and I like?? actually played the game?? coltrane would be so proud of you

Kyoot - uh!

MarieTori - I loved annoying u and calling you Hannah Montana but for real you are so nice and I think we kind of broke apart at the end but you're slaying and I hope you make it to finals icon

JSBReality - Jayden honestly I really thought you were such a funny mess, you randomly attacking Spencer had me cackling but you're v nice (but I'll never forget that one time u tried to hit on me I was disgusted)

Good luck babes xo


Sent by Philip13,Apr 27, 2018
chibideidara - Another new york icon you are so funny and I loved playing with you, I think you're playing the best game and have a really good shot at winning my dude I wish we could've worked together until the end but we started locking each other in fhabvhan

The journey has been so hard. Thank u ily < 3
Sent by chibideidara,Apr 27, 2018
Well Played Lol !
Sent by JSBReality,Apr 27, 2018
You made me proud...
Sent by maturo,Apr 27, 2018
i feel so exposed (cwl)
i miss u already and it was such a pleasure meeting you
let me know how SBU goes
Sent by Hash,Apr 27, 2018
l love you Krista!!!
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Apr 27, 2018
well dont girl! xx
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Apr 27, 2018
I love you. What an icon!!!
Sent by screamfan0061,Apr 27, 2018
Aw Krista I really really enjoyed talking to you, I hope we run into eachother again and stay in contact <3 <3 <3
Sent by MarieTori,Apr 27, 2018
you are so sweet <3 anthousai
Sent by cfff,Apr 27, 2018
hash i refuse to believe you were being serious. pls tell me it was just a pr stunt
Sent by Minie,Apr 28, 2018
Minie, no it was one of my many dumb blonde moments
Sent by Hash,Apr 28, 2018

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