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  1. I love gifting someone

Mar 7, 2018 by anthousai
from me and Vlad21

K: I don't really know who you are but i'm convinced you have the best looking avi on this entire site 10/10
V: No clue who you are but i saw finn balor there, good choice

K: ugh I literally don't remember where I met you (I think it was a hunger??) but you're such a sweetheart and I always support you in stars
V: Donny ur a cool guy , i remember we had some problems in a stars once but i still think ur a good person and gl this week in stars

K: we had problems in the past I don't really remember why but i'm glad we were able to move past them
V: seth i dont even know , ur nice sometimes but ur also so childish sometimes i guess

K: i'm straight btw
V: i know you're straight btw

K: occasionally i'll see your blogs and cackle but I don't know much about you :(
V: arek you are one of the coolest guys on this site, we know eachother for so long and we've been through a lot but i always considered u a close friend..hopefully we get to talk soon

K: um I think you're like the og t-brother queen?? I dont remember if we've ever played a game together but you highkey seem super sweet and iconic
V: Idk you that well Gabbie but i know you slayed tbrother and that you are a good game player in general , you need to slay a stars soon

K: rly, joe? putting ur name on this blog? you're one of my closest friends on here and im so happy icon coltrane loves me..thank you for always being there and sending a daily dose of memes my way
V: i think i know you for like 3 years and we've become friends in couple mins and even tho we dont speak everyday ik we will always help eachother..grats on ur stars win

K: i don't really know you but you seem nice :(
V: lexi we used to talk nonsense all day and slay on tengaged and zwooper ..even tho we dont speak a lot anymore i hope ur fine and that u had a good birthday

K: we first met in a messy af frooks and automatically vibed with each other?? even though we don't really talk im glad we're friends bc you're such a sweet and chill person !!
V: we would always slay frooks and even tho we dont talk outside games we always work together in all games , hope ur doing well

K: wow we just slayed a fasting together and from what I've seen you're hella nice and I hope we can slay again in the future??
V: waiting for his opinion

K: tara! I remember I used to see you in frooks and you were always super sweet and most of the times we would work together. I feel like ppl come for you way too often on here they're just jealous you're a queen!
V: waiting for his opinion

K: anthonY! i literally don't remember how we met but i remember being like ur superfan every time you were in stars. thank you for coming for vlad's wig with me and making me a stars sign you're so nice and funny and I cant believed i was robbed on our supertribe
V: waiting for his onion


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