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5thDec 20, 2017 by anthousai
pyn for a hopefully not bullshit opinion

#SeaKing - damon! I actually think you're super sweet and I do enjoy playing frookies with you. I enjoyed the couple of times we talked, you do seem like a very genuine person! hopefully I'll see ya in another game soon

#Wade03 - on my last pyn I think I had no idea who you were but I'm actually glad that we're friends now. ik some people don't like you but you've been nothing but nice to me and we've been slaying games together. I enjoy talking to you let's kill it in vivor buddy

#Brayden_ - I auto love you bc you're also an octavia blake fan which makes you an icon. I see you tryna rule the blogs page all the time and you're lowkey funny. I think you're hella nice and your humor can be taken the wrong way sometimes but you're just very outgoing

#AdamLovesEverything - I think I called you the pedo teacher from mean girls and I kind of feel bad for that? I don't really know you but I think you might be a troll I really can't tell #yikes

#trickdaddy6 - I knew you were chase's friend but I didn't really ever talk to you before today when we slayed frooks. I do think you are genuinely nice tho and I'm glad we're friends now man

#Obstreperous - I don't really know who you are but I see you on the blogs page all the time??

#Mickiejames22 - for some weird reason I stan you. your blogs are lowkey funny to me and I hope you get to throw it back for charlie day in the future

#Hisoka - I do not appreciate u constantly coming for my NECK like im jason blossom or some shit. but on some real shit you know you're my bff on here and you're like a brotha to me. you know I'll always be there for you, even when you're in a mess (literally always) I got ur back. you're my friend off of this dumb site and our conversations are iconic even tho u can say some real dumb shit sometimes I luh you glen coco <3

#Kaylabby - ugh a literal queen. I actually adore your personality and I think you're so pretty. you're so sweet and I hope we can talk more girl you can teach me how to be an iconic female on tg

#BengalBoy - one of the most iconic people on this site in my opinion. I literally don't know a single person who doesn't like you. you slay those top blogs and make the ladies and gays of tg crazy. I think you're a v friendly person and I enjoy the random snaps you send me

DrG2 - I'm not really sure who you are but I peep loveita on ur profile so I'm a stan?? other than that I don't know much about ya sorry

spartagow - I remember before we kind of got closer in the geneva divas that you would always get 13th in frooks and it would be the funniest thing to me? I literally expected it every single time but anywaY I'm glad we're friends now and get the chance to flop things together. as a previous geneva diva, stay iconic

Willie_ - I've neva talked to you but the fact that you got out in stars this week is tragic? you seem nice and people say you're handsome so there's that

_Aria - I think I bought my first ever design from one of your shops and like a lame I was so excited I finally had a weave. it was nice of you to tell me it looked good on me during a time where my avi truly looked tragic so thanks for blessin a sista

Philip13 - I will never forget you suggesting on my blog that I write about the fight or flight response because my professor actually liked it?? and a bitch got an A-?? so thank you for that idea. other than that we've never really talked but you do seem super sweet dude

Paige5459 - girl you are so sweet. I think I screwed you over in a frooks once and I feel super bad about it because you're so nice. I've seen people call you fake or looking for attention bc you're kind but ignore them you're a queen they could never. some of your designs are hella cute and overall you're an icon

titoburitto - titooo you're super nice and funny and were on my last vivor tribe where I somehow got screwed over. I think you're an icon but the fact that I've seen gifs of your ass floating around on this website is spooky

joaquint561 - I don't really know you buddy :( but yes rock that slim shady hair #twins

MoreBeastThanYou - sadly I don't really know who you are either but hey you could be really cool I just dk

chibideidara - you were on my vivor tribe but we didn't really talk at all and I'm sorry you got booted out 20th :( you seemed super nice and I hope I see ya again in the future

StarySky - mama! I adoreee you. you're literally such a goddess and you slay these frooks w your charm. there have been times where I screwed you over and you got robbed and that's my bad but on a personal level you know ilysm girlie <3

Bambino - girl you are an independent icon who knows what she wants. you're funny as hell and I admire how you take shit from no one. you're a count me queen no one could ever come close. I love slaying frooks w you girl stay royal <3

XxLoveWakizaxX - you are one funny bitch, your blogs never fail to make me cackle. I remember meeting you in like one of my first frooks and you helped drag my ass to finals and I was so confused. but I luh slaying frooks with you and the og sluts alliance was iconic. overall such an icon

Lazeric - I think we might've played frooks together a couple of times and you seem mad chill. I think you're also bambino's friend?? so you're probably a cool guy lmao

_Adidas_ - king luis, a fashion icon w those overalls. tbh I didn't really know you before that stars you won and I saw your vlogs and knew you were friends w nichole so you had to be p cool. you're v nice and sometimes I think people take your sarcasm the wrong way but you're funny as hell. I'm sorry ur fave got robbed in vivor :( #genevadivas4life

Question - seth! you never fail to make me fucking cackle. I feel like we have such similar extra personalities. you constantly hype me up for no reason and bless me?? I love playing frooks w you even tho our dumbasses flop 9/10 times. you were robbed in stars (looks at vlad) but it's okay you're still iconic. ily hoe <3

Arris - I don't know if we've ever talked but I see ur blogs all the time and they make me cackle?? you seem chill but other than that I don't really know much about you sorryy

Harley - you dont know me, but i wanna give you 0.1t$
               Sent by Harley,Dec 21, 2017   
I don't know you but bless your kind heart <3

Lifeiscool - a lot of my old frat members didn't like you but I actually think you're v nice. you've never done anything to me to make me think otherwise. I accidentally forgot to answer your question while making my vlog and I'm sorry for that! but yeah you're nice I just think you're hella young to be on here

Vlad21 - Anthousai was killed in a fight with Vlad21. imagine killing your so called fave? but on some real shit you're one of my fave people on here and I also consider you a friend off of here. you're nothing but nice (although sometimes disgusting) and I appreciate your friendship a lot hoe. you do so much for me and come for people who try me (even though I don't need you to) and you know I'd do the same. luh ya vladimir putin <3

Oliviaxoxo - I don't really know you but I think you might be (gasp) a real girl?? you seem super sweet and it'd be cool to talk to you sometime girl

eliserose - vivor tribe buddy. girl you are so pretty and your hair is iconic. you seem super nice and funny and although we've never really talked you seem like an independent bad bitch??

malachite05 - I don't really know ya buddy :(

KatherinePierce - I've been seeing you around more and more and I think you're such an icon. I luh playing frooks with you even though somehow we always end up nommed w each other?? you're so nice and I hope we can slay together again in the future legend

Brxan - bryan! I know hella people on here don't like you but you've been nothing but nice to me. you're mad funny on calls and extra as hell but it's okay bc mood. we somehow slay games together?? and congrats on winning last night I'm shook. haters gonna hate but luh ya

m7md26 - not really sure who you are but your avi is hot

baileyboy1 - a literal icon. we've talked a couple of times and I think you're funny as hell. you have a great personality and remind me of one of my old friends. I respect how you're not afraid to spill true tea and I think you're one of the realest people on here tbh

Thumper91 - I believe we talked once and you're such a sweetheart! I know a lot of people like and respect you on here, what a queen

melindaMrskk - I don't think we've ever talked but I think you're a real girl too?? your avi is cute so there's that


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aw gee whiz krista u got a boy blushin over here 😊😊😊😊😊😊
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Paige :)
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Me <3
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you dont know me, but i wanna give you 0.1t$
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Anthousai was killed in a fight with Vlad21
never forget
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