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  1. For anyone who knows me
  2. Came back to reveal the sex of my baby
  3. Yes my blog is true
  4. As many of you know
  5. I have a blog for my gaged friends!
  6. So guys
  7. I’m pregnant!!!!
  8. I need a top blog
  9. Pyn for a tbh in your mail
  10. Eric is the shit
  11. Does anyone own a ps4
  12. Also Stars tonight?
  13. Bend the knee
  14. You’re only cool if you haven’t won a stars
  15. In honor of my anniversary
  16. So guys
  17. What up playas
  18. TG meet up (my first)
  19. I miss you all
  20. It is true
  21. A top blog
  22. Took a year break
  23. What up
  24. If i joins stars
  25. Stars support
  26. I turned 25 yesterday
  27. It’s my birthday i just turned 25
  28. Fuck/Marry/Kill
  29. If you’re still mad about gifts being stolen in..
  30. Lmao
  31. Currently make 17.78/hr you?
  32. Whoever just spammed me
  33. I guess im gonna spill some tea
  34. Does anyone still love me
  35. Winning stars does not make you cool
  36. Neg Sihz’s blog for a gift
  37. Will i ever win a Stars?
  38. Im one of the realest users on this site
  39. Survivor anyone
  40. Drubert

In honor of my anniversary

Aug 21, 2018 by amills5
And the fact that if I have more than 100T in my account I have a panic attack I wanna gift someone. Please either comment yourself or maybe not be a selfish prick and tag someone else. I’ll give em a look and make a hasty decision soon.


Kim K Met Gala for ME PLEASE
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Aug 21, 2018
gift minniemax the angel background : )
Sent by TheEclipse,Aug 21, 2018
nijoco :)
Sent by BibaBenja,Aug 21, 2018
Sent by Hash,Aug 21, 2018
Oh wow
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Aug 21, 2018
Sent by coreyants,Aug 21, 2018
nijoco :)
Sent by BibaBenja,Aug 21, 2018 Chameleon777
Sent by Hash,Aug 21, 2018
gift me and go fuck yourself
Sent by FighterMan,Aug 21, 2018
Can you please gift me? I would appreciate it.

If you won't, gift Hash.
Sent by Chameleon777,Aug 22, 2018

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