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3rdJul 30, 2020 by amartin
How do you eat string cheese?

A) peel it down the stick and eat in strands


B) bite into the stick and eat it like you would a candy bar


anyone who does B deserves to go to hell
Sent by 3pi14159,Jul 30, 2020
B because it’s more satisfying to eat. Eating it in strands makes me feel like I’m not eating anything
Sent by Fetish,Jul 30, 2020
I will never plus anyone who says B ever again.
Sent by Scononduders,Jul 30, 2020
a because it lasts a lot longer lmao
Sent by alexclow345,Jul 30, 2020
Sent by TolisKalkas,Jul 30, 2020
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Jul 30, 2020
Sent by Bogmire,Jul 30, 2020
Sent by AntonB,Jul 30, 2020
LMAO i do both

B if i'm lazy and in a hurry
Sent by coreyants,Jul 30, 2020
anyone who does B deserves to go to hell
Sent by 3pi14159,Jul 30, 2020
Sent by Aquamarine,Jul 30, 2020
A because B tastes gross but i also havent had string cheese in years
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jul 31, 2020
Don't trust anyone who does B.
Sent by FighterMan,Jul 31, 2020
i cant physically eat string cheese because in 4th grade my after school program teacher told us all that string cheese was monkey poop and the monkey squeezes it back and forth and thats how it gets long and skinny.... and i mean i know as an adult that is absolutely NOT true but to this day i still just cant eat it lmao
Sent by brookie_cookie,Jul 31, 2020
Sent by Sameed27,Jul 31, 2020
None of ur business
Sent by Chic,Jul 31, 2020
A... It's called string cheese
Sent by Akeria,Jul 31, 2020
Sent by Queen7,Jul 31, 2020
Sent by zachbbs,Jul 31, 2020
B. But I dont buy string cheese, I eat it by the block hahha
Sent by BryanXx,Jul 31, 2020
chomp chomp chomp
Sent by kimmal8,Jul 31, 2020
It literally does not taste good if you do B
Sent by whitneyice178,Jul 31, 2020
with the plastic and everything
Sent by Rebelman2227,Jul 31, 2020
Sent by CocoaBean,Jul 31, 2020
Anyone that does B isn’t human
Sent by Insanity,Jul 31, 2020
I dont like cheese ew!
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Jul 31, 2020
C. shove it up my ass
Sent by LovelyKiss,Jul 31, 2020
C. shove it up my ass
Sent by lliiaamm,Jul 31, 2020
Sent by _Aria,Jul 31, 2020
Sent by AllieX,Jul 31, 2020
Sent by ctrtxdec,Jul 31, 2020
am i only person on earth that doesnt like eating cheese by itself?
Sent by BBlover96,Jul 31, 2020

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