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Just reflecting

Jul 28, 2020 by amartin
I honestly think it was a blessing in disguise that some of my most treasured friendships on this site ended.

Leaving for as long as I did really shows you who actually cares about you. Thankful for those I have kept in touch with over the years. There was a point where I was sad that people I considered to be my best friends weren't my best friends anymore. But honestly, its given me a chance to make new friendships that are lasting.

People change and I'm done mourning and trying over people who just don't care about me anymore.

I hope to make new friends now that I'm back for a while.


I agree! Throughout the breaks, there are "friends" who lose contact with you, and those aren't true friends.
Sent by ItsAlexia,Jul 28, 2020
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Agreed! There are a lot of people I've met and had close friendships with on this site over the years that I don't really communicate with anymore, but I don't hold any resentment over it. I joined the site at a very young age like a lot of users did and we all grew up and went separate ways. It happens but if I ever had a genuine friendship with someone here there's still love for them.
Sent by joey96,Jul 28, 2020
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