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Fill me in

2ndFeb 8, 2018 by amartin
So I keep hearing that there is no longer mods on the site? Is there not a tmod account to send problems to? What in the world is happening to this website.


Talking to randomize is liking talking to a brick wall. Its pointless.
Sent by Dane_Williams,Feb 8, 2018
ah yes we've been neglected af the past couple of years lmao
Sent by xFalsify,Feb 8, 2018
Moderation had a lot of ups and downs but I think randomize removed all moderating powers after most people turned on Johneh in late-2015. I don't think we've had proper mods since.
Sent by Patrick319,Feb 8, 2018
Nope sadly nothing at all can be done. Randomize only cares about making money he’s a greedy asshole and doesn’t do shit anymore.
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Feb 8, 2018
@amarting the site fell apart a bit, there have been multis and cheateres around cuz rando got frustrated and got rid of mods. .es and .br are also gone
Sent by temponeptune,Feb 8, 2018
I was gone by the time Johneh became a mod Patrick319 xFalsify Dane_Williams
So I'm clueless to what the website has been like since I quit being a mod.
Sent by amartin,Feb 8, 2018
amartin things went to shit after a huge fight between johneh and brandonpinzu and rando got frustrated and just banned the tmod account
Sent by temponeptune,Feb 8, 2018
was Brandon a mod too? temponeptune
Sent by amartin,Feb 8, 2018
amartin Honestly the site was heading downhill after it all went down. People were spamming blogs like crazy, joining castings alone with 19 multis, and just wreaking all kinds of other havoc. Most notably, a "dead baby" design was posted with almost no consequences. also shut down so there was a massive influx of Spanish users onto the site.

Things have fortunately calmed down since then. People are still abusing the lack of moderation but things aren't as crazy anymore. SOMEHOW this website is still functioning.
Sent by Patrick319,Feb 8, 2018
amartin yes he was and so was gagaluv at one point
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Feb 8, 2018
Patrick319 where have you been? Have you missed all the disturbing gifs ?
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Feb 8, 2018
wwemrpeeps what do you mean?
Sent by Patrick319,Feb 8, 2018
Patrick319 the gifs of people eating poop. The Japanese bloody gifs of animals and people getting torn to pieces and gifs of people having sex.
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Feb 8, 2018
wwemrpeeps I haven't seen any gifs like that. Keep in mind I hardly play games.
Sent by Patrick319,Feb 8, 2018
amartin yes he was a mod and so was Justme
Sent by temponeptune,Feb 9, 2018
patrick319 the gifs are everywhere I’m suprised people haven’t seen them. It’s called Ero Guro it’s like Japanese gifs of gruesome things. I’m still fucking scarred by some of them I’m having vivid flashbacks there was one of them I don’t even remember what was happening in it but the thought of it makes me want to cry
Sent by Philip13,Feb 9, 2018
you are a menace.
Sent by YuNoLOVEME,Feb 9, 2018
Well it sounds like this site is falling apart.
Sent by amartin,Feb 9, 2018
When Randomize got rid of mods he left the site for like 300 days or so, he even became a skeleton. When he finally logged back in he actually said he was in jail.
Sent by sk9ergal,Feb 9, 2018

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