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5thMay 3, 2015 by amartin
imageAm I still allowed to wear this hoodie (pic) without being a mod anymore or am I gonna get banned for impersonating a moderator? lol
Seems to be pretty uptight with the rules -___-


Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,May 3, 2015
They need more mods - you should be a mod again...

Sent by me2013,May 3, 2015
congrats on surviving hell
Sent by konohavillage1,May 3, 2015
♥♥♥ konohavillage1
Sent by amartin,May 3, 2015
Sent by Patrick319,May 3, 2015
Patrick319 I was the worst mod ever lmao
Sent by amartin,May 3, 2015
Tengaged is supposed to be fun. But sadly people find that some of the rules prevent that..
Sent by QueenDoe,May 3, 2015
There was a time when it used to be fun :( queendoe
Sent by amartin,May 3, 2015
Sent by me2013,May 3, 2015
You won't get banned for this.

I don't think we're that unfair when it comes to the rules. I just don't agree with people harassing others and ruining a reputation over a few comments. I have explained myself on the blog, and I believe I am fairly nice to the users of Tengaged. In no way am I looking for reasons to ban people, I am just looking for everybody to play fairly and not harass others for absolutely no reason. I wouldn't have to make these clarifications on the rules if people weren't rude to each other 24/7.
Sent by T_ModTEMP,May 3, 2015
if you dont agree with people harassing others then why wasnt cherlloyd and jakel0vespickler banned for harassing austino15fffan about his looks and other personal attacks? T_ModTEMP
Sent by tyleror,May 3, 2015
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,May 3, 2015
Sent by Davidftw123,May 3, 2015
C00LDUDE1000 ...why am I tagged?
Sent by Johneh,May 3, 2015
question for a mod johneh lol idk
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,May 3, 2015
C00LDUDE1000 Still unsure as to why you tagged me...
Sent by Johneh,May 3, 2015
Kinda curious about what tyleror said
Sent by Phenomanimal,May 3, 2015
im sure they wont respond Phenomanimal
just think its a bit ridiculous that austin was feeling attacked and bullied by them, which they started for no reason, and then he is punished when he chooses to retaliate. its incredibly unfair and victim blaming is not okay
Sent by tyleror,May 3, 2015
is this meant to be ironic or something LOL
Sent by BengalBoy,May 3, 2015
Coldwaters was harassing me. I told him to fall in a well and get banned for 3 days while he just laughs, some serious bs...
Sent by GalaxyOrb,May 4, 2015
hi friends
Sent by MrBird,Sep 19, 2016

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