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As much fun as it is Feb 23, 2018
watching all your drama on the blogs page....
My boss just invited me to the management meeting at the Mexican place next door and big mama wants some cheese enchiladas so bye y'all!
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Is it weird Feb 23, 2018
to legally change your last name BEFORE getting married?
Cause like, we're okay with me changing my last name even though we aren't getting married til 2020 and some people think it's strange?
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Guess I should become Feb 23, 2018
a skeleton again so that Seal 's front page is all aligned again and I'm not the odd one out lol.
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Saying goodbye to my baby. Feb 19, 2018
imageTomorrow Morning my 10 year old dog will go to the vet and wont come home. I've been inactive for a few days because unfortunately my dog is dying. The vet gave us meds to make him comfortable but he's clearly in pain.... They gave us the option of bringing him back to be put down which is the ultimate decision it has come to so that he's no longer suffering. I have been bottle feeding him puppy formula for days to get him some sort of nutrients.

Ugh :( His name is Moe. He's a border collie/lab mix. At one point he was my 100 lb lap dog. Now he's down to 50 lbs and is all bones. :( So much crying.
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VLOG Q & A Feb 13, 2018
Making a vlog with the boyfriend tomorrow (in his sexy armor lol)
So post questions or if you want a shout out just say shout out!
I'll try to get through as many as I can.
Ask away :)
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This website *VLOG COMING THURSDAY* Feb 12, 2018
makes me feel like I'm 18 again and like I really need to make a vlog with my boyfriend just to show him off lol. HE'S A SWORD FIGHTER. IT'S SEXY OKAY.

Edit: If this gets top blog I'll make a vlog with him in his armor lol.
2nd Edit: Y'all I'm stoked for this LOL. I'll do it on Wednesday or Thursday since those are his days off.
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