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Merry christmas tengaged Dec 24, 2023
imageJust want to wish all you on tengaged merry christmas. Hope you will spend christmas with family and friends and enjoyed it.

Merry christmas 馃榿
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Hello everyone Dec 17, 2023
Decided to come back to site after few months off, still not sure if I stay for long time, but I want to have some good time while I'm here.

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Solidarity day Aug 14, 2023

today is august 14th in my country Slovenia known as solidarity day to help those affected in floods, which happened 2 weeks ago. A lot of people lost all of their belongings (house, car, clothes).
So comment some good words for them here. May god help those people to get back on their feet soon.
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Back to Tengaged Apr 13, 2023

after two months break I come back to Tengaged to see if there is anything new here and to play some games occasionally xd
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Welcome to black level Jan 23, 2023
Yeey, finally got to black level 馃お馃お馃お
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Giveaway Jan 23, 2023
imageGiving away some snow, write comment  if u want some 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
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