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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

My first game! #Fasting218725

Jun 1, 2022 by alittlechese
This game was played with:
@Seann, @daleariel, @alex_naf, @scottmaster2, @mohaxurrito, @Jre777, @hunter200220, @cazweet, @Kiki4ever, @owistubbedmytoe, @Royaltyy, @Pekka, @Dnrtto, @Fozz23, and obviously me @alittlechese.

Before we begin, I would just like to say that I don’t want any
hate for these players (including me). One of them did a really big play to get me eliminated but it was very clever and I can’t even be mad.

Before the game, we all introduced ourselves and I noticed that @Dnrtto and @Fozz23 were both also noobies. I sent a private message to each of them, asking if they wanted to create a kind of ‘noob alliance’ as I thought we would be stronger in numbers.

@Dnrtto didn’t reply (we later found out he was afk the entire game), but @Fozz23 said he would be happy to form one with me. I asked if he knew anyone else who might like to join, and after a while he came back with the players @Pekka, @hunter200220 and @Jre777. Our goal was that our 5 player alliance would make the final 10 together, but we would later realise it was op early game.

During the game, @Pekka was the main ringleader of the alliance. She chose who was nominated and who was evicted, and during most of the game I was fine with it. I was the one who went around the alliance telling the others who to vote for (although I did mention the fact that I wasn’t the one choosing around the final 10 mark).

Up until roughly the final nine there was nothing interesting except for evictions. @alex_naf 15th, @daleariel 14th, @mohaxurrito 13th, @cazweet 12th, @owistubbedmytoe 11th, and @Dnrtto 10th. The alliance I was in basically determined the results, as there were no alliances nearly as big as ours, some of us got a vote here and there, but we were relatively safe.

In the 7th eviction, @Pekka said she thought the game was going too slow and that we should vote for @Fozz23, which if you remember is a member of the alliance. I was at first adversed to this, so I sent @Fozz23 a pic of it so he was aware. I ended up not voting for him/her and voted for the other person @Pekka said and then somebody else not in the alliance. I get the impression that @Fozz23 voted for @Pekka because of what I sent him.

Unfortunately, @Fozz23 got nominated, but they got lucky and stayed in. However, @Pekka tried it again, and I wasn’t willing to risk it in case she thought something was up. Sorry, @Fozz23. He came 8th so still good tho.

At this point, I thought @Pekka was too much of a threat and what we were really doing was expanding their vote. I felt like we were being used. This made me let @hunter200220 and @Jre777 know that I was going to vote for @Pekka due to her actions, but unfortunately they declined. I honestly don’t blame them as I was trying to make a power play and it was very risky.

I ended up being nominated for the first time that round, and I had a feeling that @Pekka had it out for me. However, the eviction vote ended up being a tie and I won the tiebreaker. Afterward, I won POV, making me safe. Unfortunately, I was evicted the next round.

The rest of my alliance were the final three so good for them! As I said, I’m not mad at @Pekka for it, she was a brilliant strategist and player in general and I wouldn’t mind if she won.


Sent by Pekka,Jun 1, 2022

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