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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hi! A wild noob appeared!

Jun 1, 2022 by alittlechese
Alittlechese here. I should probably start by saying I am still a
noob and I have only played a few games before.

I am generally a more strategic player as I don鈥檛 like putting a target on my back during comps unless I have to (although I suck at them anyway). I鈥檓 the sort of person who would help form a big alliance that controls all of the votes (the very thing that got me fifth place in my first game, but more on that another time).

So yeah, currently I can only do casting stuff, but I鈥檓 probably going to mainly do fasting as it鈥檚 all strategy. So if you wanna find me in the game, that鈥檚 where.

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