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How to Hunger

1stAug 2, 2017 by ak73
imagethis tips are about winning ( or getting far enough to glitch tysm randomize)


Hunger is a SLOW SLOW SLOW game. As much as it looks "action packed" , most of the game is about doing literally nothing. If you don't have the patience, don't join !

**** Arrows *****

1) Do not EVER shoot anyone that isn't going to die. There is no benefits to that. Not only can they get their health back which is a total waste, they also are now after you.

2) PLAN YOUR SHOOTING. I always like to shoot before the the 40 second mark before the min because it's fun to rage shoot, the target doesn't have time to react and it gives all your fellow murderers a set time to start.

3) You need about 80 arrows to do 100 damage. So if you want to shoot someone, make sure you have enough in your chatzy.

4) Save your arrows but be smart about it. If people around you see you not shooting anyone they will start to wonder about your intentions (and call you a dick). I try to make sure I have the most in the game which is hard to do but usually as long as there isn't enough arrows all around to get me out, I just go ahead and shoot.If you are not a corn sitter, it is much more important to save you arrows. As the game gets to later stages the arrows become more important for 2 reasons which you can figure out if you think hard enough.

5) Keep track of arrows. As the game settles down on D2, this becomes easier to do. The people who have sat in the corn have about 20-25, the people who didn't shoot have 10s etc.

*** Comps ****

1) General facts : each XP is 3%, attackers is 5%, swords are 5 xp ,maces 3 , axes 2 , knives 1. For beating someone you have never fought before, you get 2xp if you attack and 1xp if you were attacked.

2) Know your good comps. Being good in a comp in frookies (@sparTsgaw) is not the same as being good in survivor ( gigi10 ) and that's not the same as being good in hunger ( aes222aes ). I almost never save words in hunger, because that's my worst comp. I just don't risk it. Here's scores I would generally save. (ofc if the person you are facing is say violets you react accordingly)

Maze -> 550
Numbers -> 750
Endurane -> 1300
Flakes -> 220
M3 : > 28k
Lineballs : > 90k
Words -> 1.1k
Wof-> 25k
Deal -> 200k if I save first , 750k otherwise

Again these are scores I would save almost for sure  but it really depends. For example I wouldn't save 90k against underwzc in lineballs but would save like 650(?) in numbers

3) Winning comps is not the same as being better than the opponent in comps necessarily. Although me and aes222aes were about the same skillset in comps back when we played hunger, I would always beat him because he saved comps I was better than him at and I just ran the comps he was better than me at. If you're better than the person you are facing in 4/8 comps you should be able to win. Specially if you have your opponent down to 20 health or so, just run it only gives them like 3 health.

4) XP IS A BIIIIIIG DEAL in endurance and flake. If you have a big xp disadvantage in flakes or endu , you're not gonna win  just give it up.

5) Don't fight people you can't beat voluntary

*** Strategy***

1) You need BIG Alliances in hunger. F8-10 is generally a good idea. If you're only working with 3 people, you are outnumbered. Use your arrows to make new allies AND NOT JUST SHOOT ROSHY RANDOMLY specially if you can't be in the corn.

2) There are 2 types of hunger players: Those that will arrow you OR can beat you in a ftd and those that wont or cant. THEY G2G! thats how you find your targets, thats how you decide your alliance and by taking them out is how you win. People who would arrow you but cant beat you suddenly stop being a threat if they waste their arrows! People who can beat you at comps can be taken out only by arrows really.

3) Try to find a way to sit in the corn. Obviously if people think/know you're good at comps that does it, but you can also stall with someone, have enough arrows to scare anyone from attacking you, be friendly enough with everyone that they wont attack you. Be careful about stalling though because it also makes you a clear target for people who want to sit in the corn and you're taking up their spots.

4) XP HELPS. if your xp is really high, dont tell anyone ! try to get enough XP that you're comfortable that you can beat people but not enough that everyone knows they can't beat you and that they have to arrow you.

5) 4 people make payouts, that's the size of your alliance inside your alliance. There's no need to rush that though as things change quick.

6) You dont have to get everyone out at the same time, just wait for the right time when all the arrows / comp conditions are met

7) dont share your health specially if its low.

8) If you sit in the corn, the start of the game is a great time to do favours for everyone by giving them health, guessing bushes etc since you just get your health back. Otherwise find a bush group where you all take turns guessing the bush. The bush is really the only way to keep your health up past day1.

I can't think of much else off the top of my head so comment all your questions and concerns

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Wtf is THIS
Sent by FighterMan,Aug 2, 2017
this better work or i'm suing u
Sent by Joseline,Aug 2, 2017
how to hunger:

1) have aes222aes play ur comps for u

the end
Sent by Petro,Aug 2, 2017
You didn't tag me right hoe
Sent by spartagow,Aug 2, 2017
Fuckin nerd
Sent by GiGi10,Aug 2, 2017
literally how i play woo
Sent by jdog,Aug 2, 2017
thank u this helped an awful lot i cant wait to get my win now
Sent by hints,Aug 2, 2017
Sent by aes222aes,Aug 2, 2017
please put ur 10$ donation into this box after reading it is compulsary |______|
Sent by Violets,Aug 2, 2017
Ive made final 2 my past 6 hungers do i slay? ak73
Sent by rawr25,Aug 2, 2017
What if you cant get any of those challenge scores
Sent by Carsonl,Aug 2, 2017
u should add don't get all da weapons or else u will get arrowed
Sent by vansreborn,Aug 2, 2017
based on my experience i would also add

- get the bush number and pm it to loads of ppl (even if they're not in your alliance) it's a good way to build trust/potential allies
- if you have a nice dick show it to a straight female so she arrows out some gayboy she's been friends with forever instead of you
- stay out of arrowing whenever you can so you save your arrows and avoid being a target. but act like youre part of the team like 'ye bro i totally shot 5 arrows at him'
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 2, 2017
based on my experience i would also add

- get boobs
- don't be good at challenges
- don't trust anyone
- if you're good at challenges and go to sleep, you have nothing to wake up to
- be social or be dead
- the people closest to you will betray you just for extra T$
- look at top right of this site
- you see the log out button?
- click it.
Sent by aes222aes,Aug 2, 2017
my favorite is the RNB method - join with a premade that hands you a win so you dont have to be social and can sit in the corn?????????????
Sent by RoughNightBro,Aug 2, 2017
As someone who has won their last 3 HGs, this is pretty much what I did
Sent by Phenomanimal,Aug 2, 2017
Sent by sandym89,Aug 2, 2017
Basically what I do I ally with everyone so I can corn sit without getting attacked. Also giving out bush if you know it really gains people's trust
Sent by Bluejay7622,Aug 2, 2017
Wtf me
Sent by suzycroatia,Aug 2, 2017
1) Do not EVER shoot anyone that isn't going to die. There is no benefits to that. Not only can they get their health back which is a total waste, they also are now after you.

Sent by bamold1999,Aug 2, 2017
You forgot to mention XP circles !
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Aug 2, 2017
Basically you're telling me that it's not worth the trouble playing lmao
Sent by teamjacz,Aug 2, 2017
Sent by ak73,Aug 2, 2017
i mean rawr25 but wtf at rawr24 also being a thing
Sent by ak73,Aug 2, 2017
just float and beat people in fights it’s not that hard
Sent by ashszoke,Aug 2, 2017
Sent by sjsoccer88,Aug 2, 2017
I have more hunger wins than ak73 alireza aes222aes on everyone he ever won on accounts and rawr25 combined
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Aug 3, 2017
JayElVeeIsBack i've won on rawr 5 times
Sent by rawr25,Aug 3, 2017
Buy a life
Sent by Almonds,Aug 3, 2017
Good read!
Sent by Ekatherinna,Aug 3, 2017
rawr25 yes that is nothing 14 wins is total between Ak73 alireza rawr and Shaked. I got 24 wins total (counting how Nic used to count for everyone he played for/gave advice
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Aug 3, 2017
jayelveeisback u forgot my 4 wins on .es plus starquasha's win plus my .br win plus my suicides to bix pat suzy and im sure many more plus my wins on manityle come at me
Sent by aes222aes,Aug 3, 2017
aes222aes when you suicide that counts as a L not a win. I'll count those .br and .es wins but that still only totals you guys at 20 to my 24
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Aug 3, 2017
jayelveeisback ali won like 15 total on br and es :)
Sent by aes222aes,Aug 3, 2017
All 3 sites combined, I've played 25 hunger games and won 20 of them .
Sent by ak73,Aug 3, 2017
hunger was the best game on this site at one point like maybe 3-6 months after it first came out when people mostly understood the strategy but no1 had perfected it, and pretty much every game was wild

i feel like this blog is pointless now
Sent by obscurity,Aug 3, 2017
ak73 Aes222aes we only count Shakeds .Es cause if we count yours we gotta count mine which puts me up at 38
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Aug 3, 2017
obscurity I would agree with you as of before my last hunger when I saw people making these mistakes over and over . There's obv a lot more than to what I wrote here but you'd be surprised how many idiotic moves are made
Sent by ak73,Aug 5, 2017
Sent by DanielleDonato,Apr 9, 2018
danielledonato pls depart the premises
Sent by ak73,Aug 21, 2018

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