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  1. Omg im so happy
  2. Those with depression or anxiety or both
  3. My dog is being put down.
  4. Anyone watch the circle on netflix?
  5. The world's going to shit
  6. Lmao
  7. Idk if this was a good idea or not
  8. Here is how i slept for the past 24 hours.
  9. happy new year/decade est people :p
  10. Im shooketh
  11. You spoiler omfg ;(
  12. Welp!
  13. Something's wrong with me
  14. Congrats India!
  15. RIPme
  16. I can't breathe
  17. anyone watching miss universe prelims?
  18. I think i know what i wanna do in my life
  19. Join my group game, Submit a song from different..
  20. Anyone interested in joining my group game?
  21. Anyone interested in joining my group game?
  22. Is it a problem that
  23. This is who i hate the most on tengaged
  24. This might sound weird but
  25. Just noticed
  26. Anybody want anything from shops?
  27. Fuck u starbucks
  28. Question
  29. Been out of highschool for 2 and a half years now.
  30. What's the best gay dating site?
  31. Last chance to join my group game :)
  32. Looking for new players in my group game!
  33. A huge thing i hate people asking me
  34. The real tea
  35. Daily reminder that
  36. Wait wtf
  37. I don't have breasts so idc
  38. shut the fuck up > Everyone
  39. How my family voted in the election
  40. @Canadians


Aug 17, 2019 by adeleadele
You share something really personal with the intention of deleting it after 10 mins, but then forgetting about posting it, and then logging on just now to see it on the front page

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