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Death House Season 3 (Whodunit Edition)- Episode 3

May 10, 2019 by adeleadele
Carrie. B Foxtrot
Cindy. C Yandereboy12
Damien. D RealJacksonWalsh
Gerard. B Bvance1212
Jake. A Jasoi
James. W gabrieltrezza
Jessica. W Tommy123
Lola. L LeonM1996
Praskovya. M hellocat
Ryan. B ryan5676
Seth. L BarbraStreisand

12th- Billie. J MudkipzFTW (Died Night 1)


                                                    Episode 3- Russian Roulette

                                                             NIGHT 2- 8:00 PM

*Adele appears on the tv*


*All the houseguest's vote*

Jessica- I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling people voted me :/

Lola- Same to be honest.

Carrie- Lola you're like the most likable one in here!

Lola- False.

Adele- The person with the most votes and will be competing in the Death Competition right now is……………………….. JESSICA!

Jessica- I knew it! No hard feelings to whoever chose me, but I’m not the killer and more of you will die.

James- Good luck sis :(

Carrie- Yeah good luck, it’s only been a night. I doubt you are the killer.

Adele- Jessica please make your way down the main hallway and open the 4th door to the left, it's not been unlocked.

Jessica- Bye guys! I doubt I will survive :(

Seth- Bye :(

*Jessica enters the death competition room*

Adele- Welcome Jessica.

Jessica- Oh god there's a gun.

Adele- A trend in the past two seasons of death house, the first competition will be the chance game... Russian Roulette!

Jessica- So it’s down to luck :/

Adele- Yep! One of our security guards will take the revolver, spin the cylinder that has 8 chambers! 6 of those chambers have bullets. So odds are not good.

Jessica- To my family watching, I’m likely going to die. I love all of you. Also to my fans, I love every one of you that supported my modeling and singing career. I wanted to be an actress too, I actually got a supporting role for a pretty big Hollywood film, which was going to start filming in a month :/ I decided to come into death house mostly to get attention, knowing the whole world is watching you. I think this has been the biggest mistake I ever made in my entire life, and it will be fatal. I’m ready to go now :)

*The security guard spins the revolver*

*Jessica points the revolver to her head, she seems calm but a tear comes down her left cheek*

*Jessica pulls the trigger, it was a bullet and she dies instantly*

*Adele comes on the tv*
Adele- Jessica died during the competition, you will be able to find out if she was the killer tomorrow night. You may all sleep in peace for tonight!

Seth- Well damn :/ Already 2 gone in 2 nights.

Praskovya- I barely have spoken a word to her and I cry like crazy.

Gerard- It’s ok Praskovya it’s just apart of the game :/

Praskovya- I know it’s still sad :(

*Praskovya in the diary room*

Praskovya- Я был в основном спокоен, пока люди не начали умирать. Теперь я в шоке и хочу уйти. Я хотел бы уйти: / (I've been mostly calm, until people started dying. Now i'm freaked out and wanna leave. I wish i could quit :/ )

Cindy- Are those damn lights gonna go out again?

Gerard- I think so :/ I’m gonna make my way to my bed now before they do go out.

Carrie- Good call, I am as well!

*The houseguests go to bed, they finally get a good night's sleep*

                                                                      DAY 3: 6:00 AM

*The lights go on and the alarm goes off*

Cindy- Jesus Christ that scared the shit out of me!

James- Gurl same that was way too damn loud!

8:23 AM

*Carrie, Cindy, Gerard, James, and Lola celebrate in the bedroom*

Gerard- I would just like to say that I’m glad this alliance is working out!

James- Yas! The one we decided on got the most votes so I can see us 5 going far assuming we all vote together.

Lola- If Jessica was the killer though we all survive!

Gerard- It’s unlikely she was, to be honest.

Cindy- I’m confident that bitch was the killer, I doubt anyone else will die.

*Cindy in the diary room*

Cindy- I’m 100% confident that Jessica was the killer. I know that’s a bold statement to say, but I know that bitch was gonna cut up every last one of us unless we voted her. Which we did and now the bitch is dead and we all get too live :)

12:05 PM

*James flirts with Damien*

James- Was it weird that I told you I had a crush on you like right away?

Damien- Haha no!

James- I wish you were more like idk, into me? I feel like you aren’t hun.

Damien- It’s not that I’m not, I just don’t know if I want to be with someone in this kind of place.

James- I mean it COULD be the last time you have sex with someone, but k.

Damien- Yeah :/

*James in the diary room*

James- Honestly Damien is such a fucking pussy, just suck my dick and stick your dick in my ass please, like I need some dick. Cuz I can obviously die anytime cuz we’re in the damn death house. Seth is like ok, but Damien is so hot :/ I’m pissed.

5:23 PM

*Carrie and Lola have a chat*

Lola- Carrie are you good with the alliance we have?

Carrie- I guess, I don’t know if it will work out though.

Lola- Why not? We can all vote together and make it to the end!

Carrie- I have a weird feeling one of the people in our alliance is the killer.

Lola- I’m in the alliance as well ya know.

Carrie- I know that stupid.

Lola- Excuse me? Did you just call me stupid?

Carrie- I’m sorry I didn't mean too.

Lola- Whatever, I’m glad I moved to the US to get away from you.

Carrie- Why are you acting like this over nothing?


Carrie- Calm down.

Lola- Just get away from me bitch.

*Carrie in the diary room*

Carrie- Lola is just getting on my nerves. Even though it's nice to see her again, she’s still the same way she was before. It’s always about Lola, she always wants the attention and she is extremely aggressive. Lola just wants the screen time and that is why she’s coming at me.

7:24 PM

*Lola gossips about Carrie to Cindy, Gerard, and James*

Lola- Ok I have some news to share.

James- Oooh spill the tea sis!

Lola- Carrie might be the killer.

Gerard- Why would you think that? Why would you say that about your friend?

Lola- Because she’s just a bitch, I never liked her. I was just being nice to her because I knew her.

Cindy- Oh.. interesting.

James- I don’t know if that’s the tea I wanted to hear, I think Carrie is really nice. I doubt she’s the killer.

Lola- She is honestly, it was not Jessica.

Cindy- It was Jessica, but ok.

*Gerard in the diary room*

Gerard- I feel like this alliance I made is falling apart. It’s full of overdramatic people that are attention seeking. Carrie has been nothing but nice and Lola which was one of her closest friends decides to talk shit? I don’t wanna associate with Lola in the slightest.

*Episode ends*

The killer (if alive) may now mail me on who their next victim will be!



omg i hate my own character
Sent by gabrieltrezza,May 10, 2019
My character isn't being ballsy enough tbh.
Sent by Foxtrot,May 10, 2019
me havin no lines
Sent by Jasoi,May 10, 2019

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