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  1. I can literally say
  2. Americans are the worst
  3. I really did jinx that
  4. Is there any hope for Nicole?
  6. Tbh
  7. Join TWSC!
  8. My group game is looking for new players!
  9. I literally
  10. I forgot
  11. arbatos
  12. teon
  13. Is this sad?
  14. Just turned 17!
  15. Unpopular opinion
  16. Lol
  18. Don't you hate when
  19. anybody here
  20. Hallelujah
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  22. Join TWSC dumb sluts!
  23. + Bianca Andreescu
  24. whos the target in bb?
  25. Join TWSC!
  26. The one thing i dont like about Toronto
  27. What happened to MarieEve?
  28. So
  29. Oof at me
  30. Lol at u losers
  31. Tbh
  32. Ya'll know
  33. I'm so fat
  34. Watch my mukbang here!
  35. Nobody here is stanning Jackson right?
  36. the biggest mood of big brother
  37. When
  38. My life is going downhill so fast
  39. Matthew's Big Brother 21 Rankings- Episode 23

You can see me in the BBCAN audience :P

19thApr 5, 2019 by adeleadele
imageI'm the one in the 2nd row in the middle!

Bigger Version so u can see me-

I had so much fun! Although the outcome was dissapointing i still got too see Arisa Cox, Kiki and Sindy from S3/5 and Brittinee from S3!



You're famous!
Sent by Alexito,Apr 5, 2019
such a disappointing ep :(
Sent by joe1110,Apr 5, 2019

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