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Death House Season 2 (Holiday Edition) Episode 5

Dec 29, 2018 by adeleadele
1. Cece. C Sphyxn
2. Jacko. N Jacko308
3. Krissy. D YandereBoy12
4. Lana. K SharonMaItems
5. Rachel. X xRachel
6. Tommy. C Tommy123
7. Trinity. T BarbraStreisand   

8th Billy. V Bvance1212 - Dead Night 3
9th J. P Jasoi - Dead Night 2
10th Adrica. C FoxTrot - Dead Night 2
11th Dylan. T RavenWhiteFeather  - Dead Night 1
12th Kate. A Macda27  - Dead Night 1

                                              Episode 5- Kill Or Be Killed

Warning- This episode will include violence to animals, if your sensitive to that subject, i suggest you don’t read this episode. Remember this is a horror story as well, thank you for understanding.

                                                              NIGHT 4
                                                              8:05 PM

Adele- I have all the votes, the person with the most votes and will be competing in the harder competition is……….. Once again Krissy!

Krissy- Ok what the serious fuck :/ I tried connecting with yall too.

Adele- The person with the 2nd most votes and will also be competing in the easier competition is………… Rachel!

Rachel- Uhh ok….

Adele- Krissy your up first!

*Krissy and Adele go to the backyard*

Adele- Welcome to the fourth competition of the series

Krissy- Omg kittens :0

Adele- Yes this competition happened last season and we will be returning it again, i’m going to hand you a Pistol and you must shoot all 10 Kittens until they are dead. If you don’t you must shoot yourself with a pistol or i will bring security in to execute you :)

*Adele leaves the backyard*

Krissy- Ok well hello world, i know if i kill these 10 kittens all of you will hate me and i would probably hate myself for as long as i live, i’ve volunteered at a animal shelter for years and i have a strong connection with animals, i am not going to be killing these 10 cats, yes i might be stupid, but i don’t care. I want to be known as a hero instead of a cat killer.

*Krissy points the pistol to her head*

Krissy- Bye

*Krissy pulls the trigger and dies*

*Adele goes into the house*

Adele- Well Krissy died! Rachel your up next

Rachel- Omg omg omg

Lana- Can’t believe she died :0

*Adele and Rachel enter the backyard*

*Adele explains the competition to Rachel, she will have to kill 3 kittens instead of 10*

Rachel- Well um, i want to survive. This is going to be hard cuz cats are my favorite animals. But it has to be done, i need to survive

*Rachel kills all 3 kittens*

*Rachel begins crying*

Rachel- I feel like shit :(

*Rachel and Adele enter the house*


Rachel- Yeah :(

Adele- See you tomorrow night for the next Death Competition!

Jacko- Rachel i’m so happy you lived! But what happened?

Rachel- I had to kill 3 kittens :(

Trinity- Holy shit, Krissy sacrificed herself then?

Rachel- Yep she must of

Jacko- Wow, she’s nicer than i thought

Rachel- I just wanted to survive i hope you all don’t think bad of me

Tommy- Rachel of course we don’t, i can’t believe Krissy died :/

*Tommy goes to the Diary Room*

Tommy- The people i like the most in here are keep dying :/ First Billy, now Krissy i’m just not gonna talk to anyone from now on i’m afraid its a curse.

*Jacko goes to the diary room*

Jacko- I’m so happy Rachel survived, i’m happy Krissy died but can’t believe that bitch killed herself over cats.

                                                          DAY 5
                                                         8:30 AM

*The houseguests wake up to some eggs and bacon as a treat for making it more than halfway*


Lana- Holy shit this is like the best meal yet

Trinity- Omg yass we made it halfway too!

Jacko- Congratulations everyone!

*Tommy takes his food and eats at the corner*

Trinity- Someone’s had a bad day.

CeCe- Yeah he’s just lost his 2 closest people in here :/ feel bad for him.

Lana- Yeah that really sucks.

12:27 PM- Jacko goes to confront Tommy

Jacko- Hey man are you ok?

Tommy- Don’t talk to me, my closest friends just die :/

Jacko- Ur not my closest friend, but i still wanna check up on you

Tommy- Why me?

Jacko- Cuz i care about people

*Tommy blushes*

Tommy- Oh thanks!

Jacko- It is pretty stressful in here, especially worrying about if people are gonna vote ya or not

Tommy- Yeah totally

*Tommy leans in to kiss Jacko*


Tommy- Oh i'm sorry i thought u were hitting on me

Jacko- What the fuck you weirdo, ur nasty

Tommy- Oh :(

*Jacko goes to the Diary Room*

Jacko- These people man, i just try to be nice and he leans in to kiss me, idk where he got the impression i was into him, i'm a straight male

Jacko- House meeting, i literally just tried to be nice to Tommy cuz he seemed upset, and he leaned in and tried to kiss me

Tommy- Idk i thought you were into me

Jacko- Bullshit you just wanted my cock, just like Krissy did

Lana- Jacko he did not know

Jacko- It doesn't matter it’s gross.

Tommy- I’m sorry man :/

Jacko- Get away from me creep

Trinity- I really don’t know if ur being homophobic right now

Jacko- Holy shit i’m not he tried to kiss me without consent

Trinity- Hmm k, ur lowkey over reacting

Jacko- I’M NOT!!

Lana- Holy shit can we just have a peaceful fucking day for once

CeCe- Apparently not :/

Trinity- Just so we can have peace getting this out of my system, CeCe you take shit too seriously sometimes

CeCe- WHAT? Idk what ur going on about

Trinity- Gurl you know exactly what i’m going on about

CeCe- Had enough with this house

*CeCe goes to the diary room*

CeCe- I can’t take this house :/ I’m stressed out about the dying thing and also about the crazy people inside here, everyone is so argumentative and horny its sad that i’m only 16 but i’m the most normal person in here.

5:33 PM: Tommy is still in a corner alone.

7:30 PM- Rachel has a chat with Jacko

Rachel- U ok?

Jacko- Not really that shit earlier today pissed me off

Rachel- I completely understand, Tommy should not of done that and you were worried he would pull a Krissy

Jacko- Exactly i just don’t want that kind of situation again thanks for understanding

Rachel- Of course remember i’m always here for you!

Jacko- Thanks so much Rachel!

                                                           NIGHT 5
                                                          8:00 PM

Adele- Hello final 6 its time to vote for the person you would most like to compete!

You have till 2:00 PM EST Tomorrow!


PYN if u wanna be a viewer



Wow I went off
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