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Death House Season 2 (Holiday Edition) Episode 2

Dec 26, 2018 by adeleadele
1. Adrica. C FoxTrot
2. Billy. V Bvance1212
3. Cece. C Sphyxn
4. Dylan. T RavenWhiteFeather
5. J. P Jasoi
6. Jacko. N Jacko308
7. Kate. A Macda27
8. Krissy. D YandereBoy12
9. Lana. K SharonMaItems
10. Rachel. X xRachel
11. Tommy. C Tommy123
12. Trinity. T BarbraStreisand

                                            Episode 2- Russian Roulette

                                                    NIGHT 1- 10:00 PM

The Houseguests have all voted on who they would like to compete in the Death Competition, Adele will now reveal the results.

Adele- The person with the most votes and will be competing in the Death Competition is….. Dylan


Adele- Also you can’t tell each other who your voting and you cannot discuss the voting.

Dylan- Shit :/

Trinity- That’s what happens when your a rude jackass

Dylan- Shut the fuck up Trinity

Trinity- Gurl i don’t need to shut up you might not be here tonight

Dylan- Whatever

Adele- The person with the 2nd most votes and will compete in a easier version in the Death Competition is…….. Kate


*Kate starts crying and has a mental breakdown*



*Kate attacks Adele and rips her weave off*


*Security runs in and attacks Kate*

*Kate bites at one of the security people*

Random Security Guy- This gurl is insane, should we just off her?

Adele- Eh will get good ratings, kill her.


*The security guard shoots Kate with a gun and kills her*


Jacko- I did not sign up for this i signed up for deadly competitions

Adele- That’s what happens when your mentally unstable.

*Rachel begins crying*

Rachel- She was just scared :/ It’s a natural human response

J.P- Well she should of known what would happen before coming here.

Lana- I agree with you J.P On some points, but maybe she thought it would be like last season where you could decide if you were gonna compete or not, she just shut down when she HAD too compete.

J.P- The bitch went crazy the moment she stepped foot in here

Lana- I know :/

Adele- The death competition will take place in 20 Minutes, we will bring out some cheese and crackers and some wine for the first night, but some nights you won’t get much food at all.

CeCe- Damn i love eating too :/

Dylan- Suck it up princess

*CeCe ignores him*

                                                                  10:27 PM

Adele- Houseguests it’s time for the first Death Competition of the season, Dylan you will be the only one coming to the Backyard, the other houseguests please stay inside the house.

*Dylan and Adele walk to the backyard*

Adele- The first competition is…. Russian Roulette: A classic death game which was the first competition on last Season’s death house as well!  there is 10 different chambers in the gun. I will spin the cylinder randomly, you will have to point the gun in your head and pull the trigger, Dylan you will have 5 bullets in your gun, which means you have a 50% chance at dying.

Dylan- Well… Shit

Adele- Here's the gun, shoot whenever your ready, just gonna wear some protection incase you go rogue :p

Dylan- Nah i won’t go rogue. Well i might die, See ya wish i could of lasted longer, those people in there are too nice and pure i expected some bad people like me, Goodbye.

*Dylan pulls the trigger, a bullet comes out and kills him*

*Adele heads back into the house*

Adele- Well houseguests Dylan played a little game of Russian Roulette and died, see you tomorrow night for the next death competition, remember you have to vote too on whos gonna compete, REMEMBER to not discuss or you will be killed immediately.

Trinity- Well damn :/ 2 deaths already.

Tommy- Well on the bright side those 2 were a bit cuckoo

Lana- That is true, but still hard to see 2 people die, especially since we witnessed Kate dying.

Adrica- Well we gotta move on, idk bout u all but i’m tired and need to sleep

Lana- Gurl there is nowhere to sleep, we would be lucky if any of us got ANY sleep whatsoever.

Krissy- Me and J.P will be getting hot and heavy under the covers outside, even though it’s cold his hot warm cock and my vagina will keep us warm at night!

J.P- Exactly, can’t wait <3

*The houseguests try to go to sleep*

                                                                   DAY 2
                                                                 7:30 AM

*CeCe goes to the diary room*

Cece- I literally got no sleep, i first tried sleeping outside it was not just the cold bothering me, it was Krissy moaning so fucking loudly i could not sleep AT ALL, i tried sleeping on the floor inside and it was so uncomfortable, i just can’t sleep at all, after a week or so of being in here i will actually go mentally insane.

8:25 AM: *10 Glasses of milk are on the Table*


J.P- Why are you so excited over Milk?

Lana- I love milk it’s my fav <3

J.P- Hmm ok

Lana- Why are you always so moody, your literally like Dylan

J.P- LOL Dylan was crazy i’m not like him

Lana- Just watch your attitude :/

J.P- I can’t change who i am

*Lana ignores him*

12:22 PM: *Billy and Tommy have a chat*

Billy- Tommy are you from New Jersey?

Tommy- Yeah i am actually! How did you know?

Billy- I’m from there too i can recognize it!

Tommy- Ohh wow you must of not lived there too long, your accent does not sound too like a New Jersey accent

Billy- I lived there for 8 years guess i have not picked it up yet haha!

Tommy- Actually maybe you are a bit now that i think about it!

Billy- Us New Jersey boys gotta stay close, we have to have each other’s backs!

Tommy- I agree, some of these people are crazy, a lot of dramatic people here

Billy- Yep, i’m all about staying calm and not snapping at people

Tommy- Same especially in this kind of situation, we should all enjoy our time here since for some of us it could be our last 9 days on earth

Billy- Exactly, we should spread joy in the house!

Tommy- I totally agree!

4:05 PM- *Trinity is concerned that Adrica is avoiding her*

Trinity- Adrica i feel like you have been avoiding me lately, you always walk away from me and we have never had a proper conversation.

Adrica- Oh what really? That’s weird

*Adrica starts to walk away*

Trinity- Why are you walking away?

Adrica- I’m not my legs just hurt

Trinity- Uh ok

*Adrica starts to sweat*

Trinity- Are you ok, you don’t look too well?

Adrica- Umm

Trinity- Hun what’s going on


Trinity- Um… Why?

Adrica- I just do, people always think i’m a drag queen even though I’m transgender

Trinity- Oh i understand

Adrica- People need to understand that I’M A REAL WOMAN!

Trinity- Yes gurl you are a real woman!

Adrica- Could you just get out of drag?

Trinity- Oh i was planning on staying drag for the first few days for fun, but i guess if you want be too

Adrica- Thanks. What’s your real name?

Trinity- Tom LOL, i don’t really like that name much.

Adrica- Would u want me to still call you Trinity

Trinity- Yes Please although my friends and family call me Tom.

*Trinity goes out of Drag and goes to the diary room*

Trinity- Ok this Adrica bitch, i’m all for transgender people, but seriously having a phobia of DRAG QUEENS i’ve never heard that from a transgender person before, i feel like she’s doing this for attention. I was planning on staying in drag for the majority of the season, but this bitch has a phobia of Drag Queens so like, i will accept your wishes even though it could be fake.

*Trinity exits the diary room and people see her out of drag*

Krissy- Omg whos that

Trinity- It’s Trinity, i’m out of drag

Krissy- OMG !!!!

Lana- What’s your real name?

Trinity- Gonna keep it a secret :p

Lana- LOL Ok!

                                                              NIGHT 2
                                                              8:00 PM

*Adele comes into the house*

Adele- Houseguests it’s time to decide who you would like to compete in the 2nd Death Competition, one at a time you will head to the backyard and cast your vote, like always the most voted gets a hard competition, the 2nd most voted a slightly easier competition.

Please send me through mails the 1 person you want to compete

You have till December 27th 5:00 PM EST!

Also Kate's chanced at dying were 3/10 it landed on dead on the Randomizer, just did the freaking out thing and dying for drama


PYN if u wanna be a viewer



Sent by Jasoi,Dec 26, 2018
It’s funny bc I’m actually from jersey lol
Sent by Bvance1212,Dec 26, 2018
Oof rip
Sent by Macda27,Dec 27, 2018

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