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  1. I wonder if you have changed
  2. Jenzie is so amazing
  3. Why do you hate me I wanted to be your friend :(
  4. Danyyboy67
  5. Both hypocrites who pretend to care about people..
  6. Vile racist whore
  7. You're so amazing
  8. talk about me
  9. You're both so fake
  10. you're the most boring person on here
  11. I hope you come back soon
  12. I miss you and your fun comments
  13. I love you I want to be your friend
  14. You dirty whore
  15. I want your fat cock in my ass and mouth baby
  16. I'm so happy you're back
  17. You really are a cow
  18. Rude bird bitch with no personality
  19. I miss you fabulous
  20. No title
  21. Hairy pits I want on here
  22. Who should I vote to win
  23. I think you're so amazing
  24. Fucking bitch
  25. What a vile fucking bastard
  26. Bambino
  27. Who keeps doing -12 on my blogs
  28. Im waiting for you
  29. I love the squirtle squad and you
  30. Alyssa95
  31. fake friend
  32. Lemjam6
  33. I'm happy you're back
  34. Sexy
  35. I miss you fabulous
  36. Happy birthday to one of the best friends
  37. You're so sexy and perfect
  38. Someone give me
  39. I will always miss our friendship,
  40. Fares


Feb 8, 2020 by abrogated
Queen of tengaged systrix
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Queens Mother lexeyjane
Knight of tengaged boicam77
Duke greyconverse
Duchess marieeve
Nobility firex
Bottom of the barrel scum of the earth koolcoop


what about me
Sent by lexeyjane,Feb 8, 2020
Thanks 馃槑
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Feb 8, 2020
King of my heart Lexeyjane
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