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Minie is better than you

19thSep 21, 2019 by abrogated
chic you're an old ugly washed up hag and a dirty looking  whore who always has alcohol bottles in her hands. minie is very kind to everyone


What’s wrong with alcohol bottles?!
Sent by Blitszims,Sep 21, 2019
minie is very kind to everyone
Sent by Chic,Sep 21, 2019
Lol I’m not mother Teresa to give you my other cheek to slap. You slap me and get spanked on your flat ass dude chic
Sent by Minie,Sep 21, 2019
minie is the quiet girl in class who used to hiss at people in grade school
Sent by woah,Sep 21, 2019
Shut the hell up
Sent by iScotty,Sep 21, 2019
No you’re certainly no mother Teresa
Sent by Chic,Sep 21, 2019
And you are not a victim
Sent by Minie,Sep 22, 2019

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