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  1. Stars support
  2. You're very skinny and fun to talk to
  3. Minie is better than you
  4. Nasty disgusting bitches scum of the earth
  5. You're amazing no matter what people say
  6. You're such a terrible person
  7. Casting 3 more
  8. Baby i want to know more about you
  9. Wow he's one of the sexiest men alive
  10. You're amazing and very honest
  11. Do you like my instagram
  12. One of the nicest people ever
  13. Bitter bitch I hate you
  14. I wish I could follow you on Instagram
  15. He's a liar
  16. I'm waiting for your gift
  17. I support you you're so amazing, kind, honest
  18. You're so amazing
  19. You're a great person and a great new friend
  20. You're so amazing
  21. Sexy craters baby
  22. You're so amazing
  23. Who is that in your pollbox picture
  24. All three nasty bastards
  25. You're one of the best on here
  26. Judgemental trashy bitch
  27. Pathetic lies about me
  28. No title
  29. The most vile person on here
  30. Stars support
  31. Casting 2 more
  32. Sexy Instagram pictures
  33. You're just an evil nasty trashy bitch
  34. You're better than she'll ever be
  35. Stars support
  36. We all love you queens of tengaged
  37. You're both disgusting vile people
  38. You're so vile
  39. Casting 1 more
  40. Nasty bitch

Who is that in your pollbox picture

Sep 8, 2019 by abrogated


Me :x
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Sep 8, 2019

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