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  1. Ignore the vile transphobia
  2. I believe you and support you
  3. Why do you hate me
  4. Queen of tengaged
  5. I want your avatar
  6. the most vile on here
  7. hi fabulous
  8. foxtrot
  9. get over it I know I'm fat
  10. Wow he's so vile
  11. You've always been a very nasty bigot
  12. you're a vile bigot
  13. you should have won
  14. you're the creepy one
  15. I want some drama
  16. casting 3 more
  17. both of you are evil
  18. I've never liked you
  19. stars support
  20. I hope you join stars
  21. He always horny
  22. hope you win fabulous
  23. He's one of the nicest and most honest here
  24. You're an amazing queen
  25. Hi you're a talented singer
  26. I want to see pictures of you
  27. they both get everything they want
  28. why are you so obsessed with me
  29. you're very sexy
  30. we all love you
  31. how are you talking in pollbox
  32. he's so fabulous
  33. you're so fabulous girl
  34. Fakest person on here
  35. you're so vile and pathetic
  36. Akeria is one of the nicest here
  37. hope you do leave
  38. A very great singer
  39. Southern fabulous girl
  40. You're very interesting


Jun 11, 2019 by abrogated
You have been automatically red nosed!. Usually it's due to having multiple accounts and/or accounts sharing. Once your account is no longer shared the system will automatically set it to white and you will be able to get rid off it. Please do not share your password with anyone!


tarag thirteen firex
Sent by abrogated,Jun 11, 2019

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