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  1. We love our new mod
  2. scum of the earth
  3. And you're so fake
  4. What am I known for?
  5. my blogs getting deleted
  6. little whore family of rednecks
  7. You are a very nasty person
  8. I hate you
  9. you're so amazing
  10. Absol calling me a fat crazy freak
  11. Is it me
  12. nasty bitch
  13. Stars support
  14. I'm 23 today is my birthday
  15. where's my gift
  16. today is my birthday
  17. I wonder what his interests are
  18. How are you going to repay me
  19. Marieeve big fat whore
  20. I'm scared of you
  21. trashy whores
  22. My 23rd birthday is tomorrow
  23. oh and
  24. arris
  25. magix
  26. stupid bitch
  27. Nmh95
  28. yess bye bitch
  29. whore with the ferris wheel underwear
  30. I'd love to see you with your dildo
  31. you crazy bitch
  32. hope you all evict
  33. I know you did amazing
  34. I miss you
  35. I believe we will still be together
  36. Pyn I'll say something mean about you
  37. we love you
  38. you're a liar bitch
  39. you're very amazing
  40. ly fabulous ohioans

nasty people

14thMay 15, 2019 by abrogated
birks4444 nasty fake bastard who can't be truthful
marieeve dirty whore nasty girl he's mine
mbarnish1 little bitch boy who has no personality
obey_me ugly horse looking rude vile bitch
eyoomarcus nasty horny pervert whore
babeeeidah trashy nasty loud piece of trash
eliserose bitch who gets everything she wants
notnicky333 rude little boy whose really annoying
2388 fake obnoxious bastard child
crimsonennui vile and really rude doesn't have personality
foxtrot really mean with lots of attitude
blitszims annoying bitch who never goes away
Arris arrogant scum of the earth
iceey fake friend who pretends to care about you


Sent by Delete2544,May 15, 2019
Sent by peace123,May 15, 2019
Ya got me
Sent by Foxtrot,May 15, 2019
eliserose bitch who gets everything she wants
Sent by eliserose,May 15, 2019
Excuse me
Sent by Blitszims,May 15, 2019

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