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Winner of Trinity Past & Present

15thMay 21, 2020 by _Ravenclaw_
OMG, what a crazy season it has been!

Last year I applied to play Trinity New Begginings and I got blindsided right before the merge, it was heartbreaking, I've been dreaming to get a chance to play again since my torch was snuffed.

So this year I was invited for a season where 10 flop returnees would come back. After seeing the cast I honestly thought I was gonna be targeted early on and once again be a pre-merge.

However I was clearly wrong. I feel like this game proved to me that yes, I can make friendships in a game of lying and backstabbing, so thank you so much tundrahenry101 and blujay112 for beeing there for me because this season wouldn't have been the same if I didnt have you 2 there!

Playing during quarentine really put everyone in gamemode HARD, I'm even sad now because WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA with my life? 

Also a big thank you to @TheSexiestDude990 for inviting me to play for the second time, you know how much love and respect I have for this ORG and how hungry I was for a second chance. I honestly don't have one bad thing to say about Trinity, to me it is the best ORG I have ever played!

And after 42 days, I became the sole survivor! I really thought I wasn't winning until the final vote was revealed, specially the final vote comming from my 'biggest rival' from the series. Thank you so much Jaybirdnifty for casting your vote to me, you know how much I love you as a person, but in the game level we were never on the same page lmao!

A big shoutout to all other castways, it was a bless to have this amazing experience with every single one of you.

X FireX - Your storyline was amazing and you should be really proud with the way you played!
Jay - I LOVE YOU LMAO! Our journey in Trinity is my favorite thing, hopefully you don't find me a sketchy player anymore lol!
Chris C_Shizz96 - It took us final 5 to actually start getting to know each other and thanks god we did, because I honestly loved you and your amazing personality. You really showed everyone how to go out in a classy way!
Caleb Caleb9211 - Your social game was on point and I really though you were going to end up beeing the winner!
Jake - You already know how much I love you so vai tomar no cu
Nick - I'm so glad I got to meet you in here and thank you so much for all the work you did in jury to try to get me votes, love you!
Nikita NinJohn - I loved playing with you specially when we were working together, you were definately someone amazing to be working with! I tried to keep you longer but it didnt work out :( DINGGG
Kyle RedsKanto - We were in such different sides but we still ended up working together at a point. I really would have kept you if you were not comming after me, but you also should be really proud of how you were able to take the target out of you many times, I think the only way you would be voted out, would be in a blindside!
Billy Bvance1212 - I wanted you out so badly LMAO! I felt in my sould you had an idol, but I really loved to meet you in this game. So ironic that I was the one throwing your name the most but didnt have a hand in your vote off.
Josh Koolness234 - Unfortunately you were the one I talked the least, but as you said, I never felt like I could trust you so I never wanted to give you info. But I love your amazing personality and I'm so thankful for you jury vote!
Bodhi - You were an amazing played and the funniest person of the cast. I was heartbroken when I had to turn on you. You really deserve another chance and I'll be rooting hard for you to win!
Logan Lhooper902976 - Dude I liked you a lot! I tried to flip the vote out of you but it was hard to fight against a fucking 11 person chat really locked on you. I loved all the talks we had about kittens and games in general!

To all the pre-merges a big shoutout too, but unfortunately I didnt get to know most of you!
But sergeant you were one of my closest allies and an amazing person to play with, it was so heartbreaking to see you getting blindsided!!



Sent by TotsTrashy,May 21, 2020
Sent by ashszoke,May 21, 2020
new beginnings represent
Sent by ThisIsMyGame,May 21, 2020
Sent by Romane007,May 21, 2020
LOL Our journey has definitely been something! But no _Ravenclaw_ I no longer consider you a sketchy player. JUST A SKETCHY PERS-just kidding XD It was nice getting to play with you again man!
Sent by Jaybirdnifty,May 21, 2020
You’re an amazing player and person!!!
Sent by tundrahenry101,May 21, 2020

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