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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Group Games History

May 22, 2019 by _Ravenclaw_
~2020 Group Games:
[6/18] Will’s Survivor: West Indies
[9/18] Will's Survivor: Tahiti
[11/18] Mac & Liam's Survivor: Riola
[6/24] Mac & Liam's Survivor: All-Stars - Hero of the season
[1/18] Zombie's Survivor Graveyard - Player of the season
[21/24] Zombie’s Survivor: Ikahns
[1/16] Trinity Survivor Mini 3
[10/24] M&N's Survivor: Ghost Island
[7/18] M&N’s Survivor Turkey: Unfinished Business
[18/20] C&A Survivor III: Canary Islands
[9/18] C&A Survivor V: Heavenly Portal
[10/18] Cutthroat Survivor: Tierra Del Fuego
[2/18] Cutthroat Survivor: Second Chances

[9/18] LTC Survivor: Rapa Nui
[1/18] BigBen's Survivor: Dynamic Duos
[8/26] Ian's The Challenge: War of the Worlds


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