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Cutthroat Survivor: Anambas RETROSPECTIVE

Nov 29, 2019 by _JB_
I am working on a blog series where I revisit all 20 seasons of Cutthroat #Survivor

This acts as an archive in a way, and it will allow people to reminisce all of what Cutthroat Survivor had to offer.

Season: Anambas

JEMAJA {Black Buffs}


PALMATAK {Green Buffs}


SIANTAN {Red Buffs}


TEREMPA {White Buffs}


1️⃣6️⃣ Dylan/RavenWhiteFeather - Jemaja - Day 1 (3-1)

Jemaja lost the first challenge and would attend the first tribal council of the season. Jake, Josh and Ryan formed an early alliance as they all stuck together and voted out Dylan.

--- Tribe Dissolve ---
1️⃣5️⃣ Kisa/Kisa - Siantan/Siantan - Day 2 (7-0)

In this season, the first two tribes to lose immunity would be forced to join a new tribe. Jake, Josh and Ryan all individually chose to join Siantan. And despite being down in numbers 4-3, they had an inactive tribe member, Kisa. With Kisa's self-vote, they had the numbers and the rest of the original Siantan joined them to vote her out.

--- Tribe Dissolve ---
1️⃣4️⃣ Charles/ChaBro - Terempa/Terempa/Terempa - Day 3 (4-0)

All six members of the old Siantan joined Palmatak and they won immunity, sending the Terempa tribe to their first tribal council, where Alex, Nolan and Silver voted out the inactive Charles.

--- Tribe Swap ---
{Green Buffs} (6/6 Remaining)

{White Buffs} (6/6 Remaining)


1️⃣3️⃣ Tomas/TR1364 - Siantan/Siantan/Palmatak/Terempa - Day 4 (3-0(3))

Tomas picked his tribe and had four people from the previous Palmatak tribe compared to two original Terempa tribe members. However, Jabbar was not comfortable with the majority and flipped over to Alex and Nolan. Nolan played his idol, negating the three votes his way and Tomas was blindsided.

1️⃣2️⃣ John/Jxhn - Palmatak/Palmatak/Palmatak/Palmatak - Day 5 (3-3/4-0)
1️⃣1️⃣ Omar/OhEm0507 - Palmatak/Palmatak/Palmatak/Terempa - Day 5 (2-1-0(3))

On Palmatak, Jake, Josh and Sagar were wary of John, the most threatening player on the other side of the tribe. John also held an immunity idol. The tribe was planning a split vote on him and Matthew, and it worked with Matthew's self-vote. John failed to play his idol and was voted out unanimously in the revote.

On Terempa, Omar was trying to get back in the majority's good side after voting against them at the last vote. Omar joined Jabbar and Nolan in their plan to oust Romeo. However, Sagar won the power to assign his immunity necklace after the votes were cast, and he gave the necklace to Romeo, negating his three votes. While Romeo continued to target Nolan, Alex and Silver played it smart and voted Omar out in order to keep their alliance in tact.

--- Merge/Jury ---
1️⃣0️⃣ Nolan/mysterygame2 - Terempa/Terempa/Terempa/Terempa/Igara - Day 6 (6-3-1)

The Siantan alliance of Jake, Josh, Romeo, Ryan and Sagar were a tight five going into the merge. Alex, Jabbar, Nolan and Silver were a tight four going into the merge. Both groups were in hot pursuit of Matthew, the game's biggest free agent. Ultimately, Matthew sided with the Siantan alliance and sent Nolan to the jury. Alex self-voted.

0️⃣9️⃣ Jabbar/rabbaj - Palmatak/Palmatak/Palmatak/Terempa/Igara - Day 7 (5-3-1)

The Siantan five were now in full control. Alex, Jabbar and Silver offered to make peace to the five by targeting Matthew, but they preferred to vote out Jabbar, a bigger threat to the alliance of five.

0️⃣8️⃣ Josh/musicboy1999 - Jemaja/Siantan/Palmatak/Palmatak/Igara - Day 8 (3-1)
0️⃣7️⃣ Matthew/mbarnish1 - Palmatak/Palmatak/Palmatak/Palmatak/Igara - Day 8 (3-1)

Unfortunately for the alliance of five, the One Day Tribes ruined their alliance with four going to the green tribe and Romeo by himself on the white tribe.

On the green tribe, Jake, Ryan and Sagar solidified their Final 3 deal by voting Josh out.

On the white tribe, Romeo appeared to be a goner, but Alex and Silver extended the olive branch to Romeo to possibly work together down the line. Therefore, the wild card Matthew was voted out.

0️⃣6️⃣ Alex/ghrocky100 - Terempa/Terempa/Terempa/Terempa/Igara - Day 9 (4-2)

Alex and Silver were looking to target Jake and they needed Romeo's vote to do it. However, Romeo opted to stay with his original alliance and send Alex to the jury.

0️⃣5️⃣ Romeo/BritishRomeo17 - Siantan/Siantan/Palmatak/Terempa - Day 10 (2-1-0(2))

At the Final 5, Romeo was preparing to bring himself off the bottom of the alliance, looking to create a new Final 3 with Ryan and Silver. With Jake winning immunity, their target moved to Sagar, who was heavily rumored to hold the final hidden immunity idol. Despite this, Romeo and Silver still voted for Sagar while Ryan and Sagar put their votes on Romeo, who they felt was acting shady.

0️⃣4️⃣ Silver/Silver09 - Terempa/Terempa/Terempa/Terempa - Day 11 (3-1)

When Jake won the Final Immunity Challenge, Silver had one foot out the door. He made one final plea to Ryan to try and take Sagar out, but his efforts failed and he became the final member of the jury.

--- Final Three ---
0️⃣3️⃣ Ryan/Iceey - Jemaja/Siantan/Palmatak/Palmatak - 1 vote to win
0️⃣2️⃣ Sagar/obscurity - Siantan/Siantan/Palmatak/Palmatak - 2 votes to win
0️⃣1️⃣ Jake/Lemjam6 - Jemaja/Siantan/Palmatak/Palmatak - 4 votes to win

The jury tabbed Ryan as the third wheel in the dominant Final 3 alliance and most based their decision on Jake vs. Sagar. Jake and Sagar's games were neck and neck, but Jake's FTC performance put him slightly ahead of Sagar and it netted him the win.

Voting History:


This season had more dull moments than exciting ones, but it was by no means a bad season.

The post-swap rounds were the peak of the game, with three incredible boots in Tomas, John and Omar.

Once the merge hit, the game got pretty predictable as Jake, Ryan and Sagar had the game all locked up.

Jake looked like a clear winner from Day 1 and it was nice to see how passionate he was about the game. I believe that his dedication is what ultimately lead him to a win as he simply worked harder than his tribemates to build relationships and forge paths to get to the end.

Jake's winning game is one of the best Cutthroat games I've seen and this season was truly his.

There was not a whole lot of back and forth with power shifts but it was an entertaining game nonetheless.

Rating: 6.5/10

Ranking: 12/20

Returnees: Jake (Overstepping Champions), Sagar (All-Stars, Henan, VoV), Silver (Flops vs. Tops, VoV), Romeo (Providenciales), Matthew (Providenciales), Jabbar (All-Stars), Nolan (Edge of Glory), John (Flops vs. Tops)



wow I returned..
Sent by mysterygame2,Nov 29, 2019
updated mysterygame2
Sent by _JB_,Nov 29, 2019
Jake's winning game is one of the best Cutthroat games I've seen and this season was truly his.
Sent by Lemjam6,Nov 29, 2019

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