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Cutthroat Survivor: Flops vs. Tops -- Meet AJ J.

May 4, 2019 by _JB_
imageAJ J./JetsRock12

6th, Henan

AJ is one of the veterans of the group game community, but is a relatively new player to the Cutthroat world.

He made his debut in Henan, the franchise's 14th season as James's Blood vs. Water partner.

James and AJ were one of three duos still intact by the Final 10, and were looking to make a deep run together in the game.

However, when the cast turned on James at the Final 10 with an idol play, AJ's game really began to take flight.

He was an immediate target, but he was able to somehow escape three straight votes where he was destined to go home.

By the Final 6, his magic gig was up and he was unable to fool the rest of his tribemates.

Now, AJ looks to pick up where he left off and take his act all the way to the end.

Can he pull it off?

Please welcome AJ J./JetsRock12!



My. Dad. The. Winner.

Love him so so much <3
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