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4thApr 2, 2019 by _Finesse
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Delete2544 - 7 ~ I don't know you but you seem to be a good person.
iYBF - 10 ~ I love you Anthony, you are a real angel and such a sweet person, I miss you so much dear.
Jenna2010 - 10 ~ You are so kind dear, one of the more delightful and loyal person I've met in tengaged.  I always love to play with you.
Blitszims - 7 ~ I don't know you so much but we've played together a few times and I think you are a nice and faithful person.
Munchies - 6 ~ I don't know you, I realized you are new in the website and by your profile I would say you are a very funny guy.
TheSexiestDude990 - 6 ~ I don't know you so much as well but I think you hate me and I don't know why exactly, by the way you seem to be too clever by half but that's just an opinion since I don't know you that much.
Streamxx - 7 ~ I don't know you so much as well, and I realized by your profile that you came back a few time ago to tengaged and I get you are friends with Bryan and he is a loyal person and he trusts you so I would say you are also loyal to your friends. But I also would say that you are hated by so many people, I mean, not by me but that's what I realized.
FelipeS - 10 ~ Você é maravilhoso amigo, um anjo e uma das melhores pessoas desse site, vc smp tem opinião forte e sempre defende aquilo que acredita e eu admiro muito isso em você, a gente se afastou um pouco porque você me esqueceu né mas tudo bem, te amo vc sabe.
Yoko_Homo - 10 ~ You are a lovely person, I totally LOVE to play and talk to you. I know you are one person I can count on and I appreciate your friendship, love you.
CalebDaBoss - 7 ~ I don't know you that much but we played a few times together and you played most of the games saying like nothing but besides that you looks like a good person.
MarieEve - 8 ~ Queen.
malachite05 - 6 ~ I don't know you, but you confuse me sometimes, I mean, sometimes it looks like you are homophobic and sometimes it looks like you are gay, so I don't know if you are taking it seriously or not lol but you are so funny as well
Cheeseman2468 - 8 - You are a good person, I like to play with you, you are also good at comps and from what I remember you are also faithful to your friends and ally.
Birks4444 - 6 ~ I don't know you, but feel free to talk anytime
pinkiepie512 - 7 ~ I also don't know you, but I read in your profile that you are a future vegetarian and I loved it girl, go get it sister, slays it!


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