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6thAug 4, 2018 by _Finesse
imageIt was such a hard game. I joined all alone, I knew I was gonna be a threat since the beginning because Me and joaovictor were the one brazilians in the game, and we knew we would go up together, we went up for 14th and joao left, and I knew that they wanted me out anyways, and then I became a flavor and a target, they all wanted to lock me in with the strongest people of the game and I went up 6 times(3 dcs followed) to the block and you guys saved me in all the polls, I am really proud of the game I made, I did a neat game and didn't lie to anyone, and tried my best and I am very glad that I made Finals in my Stars, I am so close the winning and all I need is your vote, please vote for me, Thank you so much guys for voting for me and supporting me this week, It means a lot to me. I love you all <3


Sent by David2560,Aug 4, 2018
Lmfao who told u that? Queen 😂
Sent by sandym89,Aug 4, 2018
well at least you have votes on this one..
Sent by peace123,Aug 5, 2018

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