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  1. im trying not to be upset
  2. The biggest tragedy of the day
  3. Omg no not kobe
  4. Hey maturo
  5. Azealia Banks deserved Doja Cat's Boss Bitch
  6. Omg i got that corona virus
  7. Loves being the first
  8. 0 mins till midnight!
  9. cant belive they kill alexa demie
  10. +9 frooks
  11. Omfg 1 of my friends
  12. Would you fly across a few states
  13. watching ETCAN survivor 40 interviews
  14. Can sum 1 explain the hype on kim?
  15. Are you going to be a Kelle or an Elizabeth
  16. The right person won the Circle
  17. Me2013
  18. Lol tb to my spaming days
  19. i need that advantage
  20. I just rigged myself off of finals
  21. The Farewell and Us snubbed
  22. Time to start my weekend
  23. I left my date stranded on the road
  24. Chris being fooled by fat girls
  25. whoever negged me in frooks is a fat lizzo
  26. omg got spoiled on the circle
  27. Me when a creditcard company
  28. You may not be the one, but you look like fun
  29. Also why the sudden attention about
  30. I have a translator here.
  31. Awkwafina.
  32. #IStandWithIran
  33. Feels so good to dance again.
  34. Kaitlyn Bennet will be our hero
  35. im sorry
  36. The Circle Episode 1 Rankings
  37. Im Donatella Versace doing the Ice Bucket..
  38. frooks?
  39. I love it when u call me nwordita
  40. Survivor should just keep

Omg how many peolle have me filtered

Nov 24, 2019 by _Adidas_
imageLit rally cant comment on a few people just bc i leave funny (but mean) comments
Srsly get over it fattys


Oops thot the pic was already cropped
Sent by _Adidas_,Nov 24, 2019
Sent by LovelyKiss,Nov 24, 2019

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