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  1. +9 frooks
  2. Omfg 1 of my friends
  3. Would you fly across a few states
  4. watching ETCAN survivor 40 interviews
  5. Can sum 1 explain the hype on kim?
  6. Are you going to be a Kelle or an Elizabeth
  7. The right person won the Circle
  8. Me2013
  9. Lol tb to my spaming days
  10. i need that advantage
  11. I just rigged myself off of finals
  12. The Farewell and Us snubbed
  13. Time to start my weekend
  14. I left my date stranded on the road
  15. Chris being fooled by fat girls
  16. whoever negged me in frooks is a fat lizzo
  17. omg got spoiled on the circle
  18. Me when a creditcard company
  19. You may not be the one, but you look like fun
  20. Also why the sudden attention about
  21. I have a translator here.
  22. Awkwafina.
  23. #IStandWithIran
  24. Feels so good to dance again.
  25. Kaitlyn Bennet will be our hero
  26. im sorry
  27. The Circle Episode 1 Rankings
  28. Im Donatella Versace doing the Ice Bucket..
  29. frooks?
  30. I love it when u call me nwordita
  31. Survivor should just keep
  32. frooks?
  33. Rose Mulet
  34. Jessica, only child, from Illinois, Chicago. I'm a..
  35. Omg they get Demi too
  36. cant belive camila cilantro
  37. omg if Sade headlines coachella
  38. El final de Dolor y Gloria
  39. Im retiring from Tengaged in 2020
  40. Balled out watching The Farewell

Does no one join games (frooks) because

Nov 21, 2019 by _Adidas_
they wouldn't fill fast
because you dont want to play them anymore

bc yall can fill them up, im pretty sure 13-50 diff users (known or not) are online within that 1-3 hour time to frooks


I like playing Frooks, but it seems to be the least favorite to everyone else!
Sent by LaCroix,Nov 21, 2019
nobody seems to join for atleast a day it seems they were only active like last year because the group that'd always play together
Sent by chillum,Nov 21, 2019
Frooks are my fave :(
Sent by damo1990,Nov 21, 2019
See above comment ^

One group of pre-mading dicks kinda ruined it for everybody. Kinda like survivor is now
Sent by MudkipzFTW,Nov 21, 2019
I hate frooks. All the convo in them is just to keep you safe and get HoH. It's all idle talk. I also hate fastings because of the all the multi's but of the true people in fastings is great. Never met an ally in a frook game. Not one.
Sent by GiNi,Nov 21, 2019
(a player from a fasting doesn't count frookie lovers!)
Sent by GiNi,Nov 21, 2019
Good question Adidas, that's why I plussed you.
Sent by GiNi,Nov 21, 2019

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