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Does no one join games (frooks) because

Nov 21, 2019 by _Adidas_
they wouldn't fill fast
because you dont want to play them anymore

bc yall can fill them up, im pretty sure 13-50 diff users (known or not) are online within that 1-3 hour time to frooks


I like playing Frooks, but it seems to be the least favorite to everyone else!
Sent by LaCroix,Nov 21, 2019
nobody seems to join for atleast a day it seems they were only active like last year because the group that'd always play together
Sent by chillum,Nov 21, 2019
Frooks are my fave :(
Sent by damo1990,Nov 21, 2019
See above comment ^

One group of pre-mading dicks kinda ruined it for everybody. Kinda like survivor is now
Sent by MudkipzFTW,Nov 21, 2019
I hate frooks. All the convo in them is just to keep you safe and get HoH. It's all idle talk. I also hate fastings because of the all the multi's but of the true people in fastings is great. Never met an ally in a frook game. Not one.
Sent by GiNi,Nov 21, 2019
(a player from a fasting doesn't count frookie lovers!)
Sent by GiNi,Nov 21, 2019
Good question Adidas, that's why I plussed you.
Sent by GiNi,Nov 21, 2019

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