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  1. Survived my first Thanksgiving
  2. Imagine celebrating a genocide
  3. Omg i wonder who will win
  4. Never need a bitch im what i bitch needs
  5. I hate u fat lizzo
  6. Went to my first funeral
  7. Omg how many peolle have me filtered
  8. Does no one join games (frooks) because
  9. Both maturo and tara are losers
  10. Why is your wrinkly ass on a dead boys phone?
  11. Omg tg rlly is dead
  12. Like hey!
  13. The F2 of Aus Survivor All Stars
  14. The Survivor 39 women...
  15. Lana did Ariana and Miley dirty
  16. Wow Nick ruined Nicoles shot
  17. Omg cant wait to get my BB22 key
  18. Just realized Google did not
  19. Where would the next 911 be?
  20. Im just going to forget 911 happened
  21. Good nite!
  23. Karishma Patel
  24. Holly goes home
  25. watch 68 kill on netflix :)
  26. Did Jessica fit through the door?
  27. Day 79
  28. Nicole Gheesling wins DE HoH
  29. +15 I love it!
  30. Abi maria gnomes
  31. So is every black female artist
  32. The taste the touch the way
  33. Imagine a show about suicide
  34. People still care about charities
  35. My friends all think im on crack
  36. Love song is ruinin me
  37. I bet F3 will be Jess Christie Tommy
  38. 62nd Annual Grammy Host.
  39. Butimaginehowtiredweare :/
  40. Question to non virgins w a penis

Butimaginehowtiredweare :/

Aug 29, 2019 by _Adidas_
But imagine, how tired, we are

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