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  1. Starting my 2nd degree today
  2. Aw no xlimate dont change
  3. The hags are fighting
  4. BB11 really did have the best cast
  5. Just preordered mly Trump Rally ticket
  6. Skskskskanaioopannaioupskskks
  7. Akeria has nice shoes 馃憣馃徑
  8. I tried to save the season :(
  9. Kat is like the Porsche of BB21
  11. Imagine naming ur dog rachel
  12. Smoothstalker12
  13. *drops quran on the floor*
  14. Michelle, Natalie A. & Denise
  15. You say something racists.
  16. Alexa Demie can choke me
  17. Da Nicki Minaj finally getting her #1
  18. I want the 2nd boot model curse
  19. Um... Donald, you spelt "terrorism"..
  20. How cum
  21. Ready for another shooting:)
  22. Jessica Milagros Pierzina
  23. Thoughts on Israel vs Parmesan
  24. Zendaya read all of us to filth
  25. Rumor has it that
  26. Bella's eviction speech
  27. When i say faggot
  28. Thank you! Ill see you all at jury!
  29. Updated my BB21 rankings
  30. Its now been 2 years
  31. We might have to stan cliff
  32. Kemi must only return IF
  33. Hey Kem how many roomates did u used to have
  34. Then say it
  35. *laughs in 39 days*
  36. Me banishing all the minorities
  37. Im the Kemi and Nicole of each stars
  38. Nicole, Kemi, David, Kat, Ovi
  39. Camp Comeback is looking real... colorful
  40. Bella now cancelled.

Suddenly BB banishment and Camp Comeback

Jul 3, 2019 by _Adidas_
Will be filled with minorites

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