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  1. I scored 119 full vivor time
  2. People with ugly handwriting
  3. Send it on
  4. People with mental health malfunctions
  5. I want a x-mas sweater too
  6. I'm working Christmas/New Years Eve
  7. Lmao
  8. Who pays 200 for stars
  9. My 2 unborn cousins died
  10. I hate cleaning my big house
  11. No title
  12. That scene in Grave of the Butterflies
  13. Eat your revenge rice
  14. What happened during the preview?
  15. Imagine being accidentally
  17. Phillip is in fact annoying and psycho
  19. I am tetsuo
  20. Recomend me some good anime to watch
  21. Burned at the steak
  22. I eat too much
  23. No title
  24. Stan, the dog
  25. "What if I'm the monst-"
  26. I showed Santa a pic of
  28. You can't use CHEAT ENGINE on a COLLEGE FINAL
  29. Using uber pool
  30. Im guessing
  31. A sweet small update
  32. If I remove my wisdom teeth
  33. ENIGMA.
  34. When I die
  35. Males who wear shorts below knee level
  36. Rnb is the only good music
  37. Lmao KC rlly got a tattoo
  38. Remember in San Juan Del Sur
  39. Michigan legalizing weed
  40. Me winning an argument

Does anyone else get annoyed when

Jul 22, 2018 by _Adidas_
Non reality TV viewers use these gifs on social media
- Davonne's *pretends to be shocked*
- Elissa's *spits drink laughing*
- Davonne's *eviction walk grin*
- Michaela's *flips hair sips drink*


Ok the Elissa one has become too relevant recently I’m over it
Sent by Nichole98,Jul 22, 2018
they need to get some class and use Jackie from bbcan5 gifs
Sent by Nichole98,Jul 22, 2018
Sent by Amanyaman,Jul 22, 2018
This one? nichole98
Sent by _Adidas_,Jul 22, 2018
I don't even know which gifs you are talking about, much less that people used them LOL
Sent by amf7410,Jul 22, 2018
amanyaman I was going to include that but I didn't know what to put lmao ig *rambling making a point as claps hands*
Sent by _Adidas_,Jul 22, 2018
I've been blacklisted. Please spread the word. Please start a riot to re-instate my rights by Tengaged birth.
Sent by Philip13,Jul 22, 2018

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