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  1. I'm watching Coco in English
  2. Do I have a thick accent?
  4. I'm dead @ Winston threatening Scottie
  5. Big Brother 20 Week 2 Ranking + Review
  6. I actually cried @ Swaggy C's eviction
  7. Hello 911,
  8. I just worked out
  9. I don't understand how
  10. We need separation of powers
  11. How long are the bans?
  12. Me @ todays blogs
  13. So when are these being banned?
  14. So what's considered banworthy?
  15. *leaves for 2 days*
  16. 1 year ago today my dad was deported
  18. 1 year ago today
  19. these aSk mE a quEsTiOn on ig are so annoying
  20. Who wants to play Wizard101
  21. People who say
  22. I bet Hannah Baker faked her death
  23. I will never understand the era of
  24. Forever a bop
  25. Me when Holli wins Survivor Maryland All Stars
  26. I wouldnt mind who's evicted
  27. Is it okay if my german shepherd
  28. I bet next HoH
  29. I just saw What Happened To Monday
  30. @ people who neg blogs
  31. One time at the gym
  32. What is PoseFx about?
  33. I love this hypocracy
  34. Another controversial stars ending
  35. Another thing I dont understand
  36. WHy are people complaining about "Swaggy..
  37. I dont mind any rules
  38. Who would hack into a dead girl's account?
  39. Im just waiting for Jaden Smith to drop
  40. Croatia to win!!!

rip the kpops

Jun 23, 2018 by _Adidas_

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