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  1. Good night everyone
  2. Cant belive africana grande fans
  3. Tamera Mowry drinks sister Tia's breast milk
  4. I just did a 4 min plank
  5. Just saw one of my ex best friends
  6. I mean the proper comments
  8. I think I'm going to make a premium sc
  9. You can tell Jeff loved this tribal
  10. vcxbzvklkznbzn
  11. The only fun part of having returnees
  12. Victoria did THAT.
  13. The irony of a white kid
  14. Survivor 38 Pre Season Ranking
  15. Imagine being in the richest family
  16. @Americans
  17. Not economic investment
  18. Imagine blaming Bernie Sanders
  19. So like what's up
  20. Let me introduce you to my friend
  21. I did NOT go on Survivor 39: North America,
  22. Miss me?
  23. Why is the Sex Education ending
  24. Save your tongue dont even give me a call
  25. @Tarag
  26. We allowing ghettoyah as a valid username?
  27. Im actually Nancy Drew.
  28. Donald Trump really did that for 35 days
  29. The word oreo
  30. Ironically,
  31. Im so happy Santana released new music
  33. Its my vagina
  34. (Laughs) you dont have to love me
  36. Daily reminder that
  37. Why does Tamar look like
  38. Who remembers when
  39. Where my fellow crackheads at 馃お
  40. Im a mental giant

Someone get her on Survivor

Jun 20, 2018 by _Adidas_
Sam Luna is THAT girl. Queen of being dragged by police and holding on to cops hair



Edit: the rest of the video shows Sam Luna grabbing the lady's hair for minutes and needs 4 other cops to finally let go by cutting her hair LMAO
Sent by _Adidas_,Jun 20, 2018

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