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  1. If u drink out of the sink I'm judging u
  2. Any shop owners want my survivor png?
  3. What does this mean
  4. Me being interviewed for Survivor BvW
  5. Does anyone else get annoyed when
  6. I rlly want someone to crack my bones
  7. I can not. I can not.
  8. So I'm working @ this sushi bar
  9. Best case scenario for this week
  10. When is Secret Duos Stars?
  11. Gift me Rockstar crop top
  12. Who won the star seat
  13. Join survivor
  14. Join survivor with me
  15. Brett, on my daughters birthday,
  16. I can not. I can not.
  17. I can not. I can not.
  18. I just realized BB hasn't shown
  19. Who is joining stars tomorrow?
  20. Ofc the Power App twist is over
  21. Big Brother 20 Week 3 Ranking + Review
  23. I havent watched eviction
  24. Omg I hear there was a fight
  25. It would be better if Sam uses the power this week
  26. Not bannable. Dictation says otherwise
  27. Wearing full avis is not bannable..
  28. The lesbo chef from ratatouille
  29. Panda's are no longer endangered
  30. The room in BB with the pinwall
  31. @ people joining stars tomorrow
  32. So basically
  33. Some bitch rlly had the nerve
  34. Does hook up mean
  35. Anthousai is a man
  36. Ur a TG OG if
  37. Is it against the BB rules to
  38. *speaks black*
  39. How can u not send pics on tinder
  40. How do you send pictures on tinder?

Someone get her on Survivor

Jun 20, 2018 by _Adidas_
Sam Luna is THAT girl. Queen of being dragged by police and holding on to cops hair



Edit: the rest of the video shows Sam Luna grabbing the lady's hair for minutes and needs 4 other cops to finally let go by cutting her hair LMAO
Sent by _Adidas_,Jun 20, 2018

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