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  1. id love to do drag races
  2. sammy’s tg month thing
  3. the real sad fact
  4. can someone link me to maxi’s spam
  5. i slew a cockroach today in class
  6. does anyone else enjoy
  7. make sure to @ me
  8. LoL Big Brother - Week 4
  9. addressing some trick ass wannabe scammers
  10. LoL Big Brother - Week 3
  11. LoL Big Brother - Week 2
  12. LoL Big Brother - Week 1
  13. LoL Big Brother
  14. i was promised a cock pic
  15. keep your hate speech off this campus
  16. remind me to never try
  17. I like to speak in oxcents
  18. it sounds like there’s bombs detonating
  19. the walking dead is so meta
  20. No title
  21. all tea no shade
  22. how can trixie be worse than bebe when she JUST..
  23. if steve moses can win big brother
  24. my fav thing thus far about tgdr
  25. me contacting the police
  26. 101st. Ashley Kerwin
  27. i have to go to juvenile court
  28. thousands have lived without love
  29. rivers are so important
  30. someone send nudes
  31. Look! It’s me turning 18!
  32. my mom is such a religious zealot
  34. fuck canada
  35. dig bick!!!
  36. where were all these name critics
  37. fat people ought to be more humble
  38. someone help this poor child
  39. someone send nudes
  40. PYN to play The Mole!

fuck canada

Mar 8, 2018 by Zuelke
“her dee der im nice i wanna vote in the angels” eat my hole


Sent by oswordo3,Mar 8, 2018

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