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PYN for a friendship

6thApr 18, 2021 by Zoon
Category Ranking (stolen from Fighterman PureEssence and others)

Lemjam6 - I would have never thought we'd become as close as we did seeing as we used to hate each other a year or so ago. We started going on calls a lot when the fort squad chat was a thing and once we started talking outside of there you became one of my besties! You're always so loyal to me and ik I piss you off in games but I will always reciprocate the loyalty and I appreciate you sm
Sawchuk55 - Jadinee my queen I love you and miss our daily calls, you are lit the nicest person I have ever met
iiGalaxyii - One of my closest friends on the site, I love you so much and can talk to you about literally anything. I used to hate you but being in the same chats helped me wake up and realize how loyal and a king you are <3
#Marwane - I probs talk to you the most out of anyone on here, you're always so supportive and know how to deal with my psycho better than most people. I appreciate you more than you know
#Sameed27 - We used to be so close in 2020 but since uni started we haven't been able to talk as frequently,  no love was lost though and you'll always be one of my besties on here. Can't wait for you to come back this summer so we can reconnect and get back to slaying ggs!
#GentlemanG - We used to be really close and then had a big falling out, but i'm glad this past month we've been talking more and working back towards things kinda, love you
Christossss - I hate you for blogging over me but on a good day you always help me out when I need it and always make me laugh when we talk, love you sm but like you're blocked
DeshonBANNEDisBACK - We met like two years ago in stars and we've been close ever since, ilysm baby
#Rohanprabhu - I didn't expect to get close with you but over the past few months we've played so many games together and you never show me anything but loyalty, king
top20fan33 - We don't talk anymore and haven't been close since our falling out last year but I will always consider you one of my best friends on here. I miss you a lot and hope maybe one day we can rekindle what we had or work towards it. Also we live like 20 mins away from each other now LOL

PureEssence - ILY, going on calls with you is so fun and you're just an amazing person overall
#KingGeek - My cutthroat bestie, I love going on calls with you and your taste in music/celebs is iconic <3
#Willie_ - My baby pink sister I love you sm
#Boneworks - My favorite roblox developer, you're a king
#Mathboy9 - I actually really like you and hope we can start talking more except when I ask for a favor or in games
Smuguy2012 - We used to hate each other, but over the past like 6 months or so I feel we've started to develop trust between us and i'm happy to call you my friend now
#benp248 - wine
Eoin - You've always been nothing but loyal to me

cfff - My CYA buddy, I love going on calls with you even though you always bully me
Natepresnell - Your taste in music is soo good, and you've always been nice to me whenever we interact. We could probs easily get close if we talked more outside of games
#barbrastreisand - sethh ilysm
#cwmoon - King I like playing games with you
#Uzeda - I loved playing stars with you even though you got out early. King
#Physics - Lincolnn, I love you king
Minie - You're like so funny to talk to and always speak your mind, queen
BrittBritt - We haven't really been loyal to each other recently but I still love you, congrats on the marriage
#VanitySmurf - You're dope and i've loved getting to know you in castings, hopefully we talk more once it's over
#JasonXtreme - We met over quarantine and you were always kind to me, I miss you and shyanne hope y'all are doing well <3
J2999 - We have a lot of mutual friends but we've never talked outside of games, you're always a fun rivalry to have though and you'll always be a king in my eyes
KingB24 - I like you a lot and you stanning laurel is iconic
#Joey65409 - I like playing games with you and you're music taste is pretty good
#SeaKing - We used to chat a lot in mails and on skype and you've always been kind to me even on my old account, so I have nothing but good things to say about you :)
#Rodulph - My brazilian king <3 you're always so much of a help to me ty
#Galaxies - I don't see you around much anymore but I think you're a good guy and I always enjoyed playing games with you
Washed_Ravioli - I like you
#Emmam - Mom, we don't talk much but you're so kind whenever we do
#BengalBoy - Sometimes we end up on the same discord calls and you're funny, jadine also speaks very highly of you so I like you by default!
Isandeh - We don't talk really but we have a lot of mutual friends and I like working with you in games
#Phonee - We used to be close when I was younger but playing frooks this month has been fun even though I always target you for no reason !
#Singsongers - I love your gifs and you're funny af to play frooks with
#iiCreazyGX - You're like crazy but I like playing games with you
#Thirteen - dad
#FromAWindow - wine
David2560 - we used to hate each other but we've been cool recently
Skyler1822 - Queen
Icebeast - One of my fav hosts, can't wait for v&w third chances
#FireX - King

Admir - I feel like we've never interacted before but we have so many mutual friends
AmandaBynes - read admir
Brandonpinzu - ^^
Arris - we played a group game together once but we didn't work closely or really get the chance to talk personally
Sam_Hamwich - We've had a rocky relationship for the past like year and a half, but I don't hate you and think we could do well in games if we worked together
#3pi14159 - We haven't talked one on one ever but I like you and think you're funny
#colehausman271 - you always target me in games but I get it
#Jessie_ - I don't hate you but I feel like we've never really talked and have opposite friend groups kinda
#Hamburgerbunzz - We've never talked outside of games
#JonoB - I don't think we've ever talked
#ITZ3THAN - I don't know you tbh
#Burberry - see hamburger

#Princessapeach - you got really weird


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These are edgy +17
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me <3
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Me :)
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Hmmmm me
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sure why not
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Me. Even though you don’t know me
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bbd but ignore me just giving u 6th :(
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