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Do you ever do a poop so good

Jan 22, 2024 by Zeptis
imageYou think about it for several moments once you leave the bathroom?

This last poop is really sticking with me


brookie_cookie and allison have entered the chat
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jan 22, 2024
Almost every time i poop tbh
Sent by moup94,Jan 22, 2024
Yessss I had a really good one like 8 years ago where it felt like I voided everything I’d ever eaten and I still think about it sometimes
Sent by survivorfan12,Jan 22, 2024
Then wipe better it should not be stuck to you i know you know how to dig around in there
Sent by mikec51,Jan 22, 2024
mikec51, babe I’m not talkin physical lingering. I’m talking spiritually
Sent by Zeptis,Jan 22, 2024
I know i just wanted to make a jokey joke shhh
Sent by mikec51,Jan 22, 2024
Sent by brookie_cookie,Jan 23, 2024

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