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  1. TRUMP
  2. Hey
  3. No title
  4. In this election
  5. hillary is fucking lame
  6. ignore this blog
  7. .
  8. you're all stupid
  9. anyone buy tv star
  10. I've been on tengaged
  11. how does this shit happen?
  12. love mckayla maroney tbh
  13. ummm
  14. I can't wait
  15. stars?
  16. stars today?
  17. Presidential Candidates Ranking
  18. this site
  19. Trump 2016
  20. anyone buy tv star
  21. why is this website
  22. lol I hope Sanders wins
  23. these 4 are still
  24. OT rules are bullshit
  25. I really don't get why
  26. there is nothing wrong with being racist
  27. Donald Trump
  28. yall are still nasty people
  29. jesus christ
  30. lol
  31. anyone need male skin?
  32. ignore this blog
  33. this website
  34. why does ISIS exist???
  35. got my Russia background
  36. wait wtf
  37. should I bid on a shop?
  38. will
  39. thanks for the gift
  40. McCain is not a war hero


Jan 20, 2017 by Zbase4
Is finally the 45th President of the United States!
I always believed he would win, even at the beginning of his campaign when he was treated as a total joke! I know most of you all don't like him, but he wont be the disaster you expect him to be, so don't worry about. Believe in America, because America is so much more important than Republican or Democrat and we all need to stop dividing this country.


stfu russian commie
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jan 20, 2017
Memphis_Grizzlies I'm not a Communist because I'm an American you idiot
Sent by Zbase4,Jan 20, 2017
He is a joke him being president is a disgrace to each and every president that came before him and it makes the job of being a President look like less than what it should be.
Sent by Marlo,Jan 20, 2017

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