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I really don't get why

Jan 2, 2016 by Zbase4
some people hate homosexuality McBenjamin and others
I'm not scared of or offended by two guys or girls being in a loving relationship just because they're the same gender
like if you hate it for religious reasons you also have to be a moral crusader against adultery and wearing clothes with mixed fabrics and a whole lot of other things
I disagree with some parts of the gay lifestyle (mainly some gays being utter sluts and having sex with like ~50 guys in a year) but I'd never hate all gays for something like that and if you do that's just ignorance


Sent by TheBlackDog,Jan 2, 2016
ur gay
Sent by coolranch,Jan 2, 2016
It was a joke for fucks sake. lol
Sent by McBenjamin,Jan 2, 2016
Christians by the bible are never going to let go of their beliefs. It's their religion. Just let it go and agree to disagree imo.
Sent by Akora,Jan 2, 2016

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