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Who can talk to me?

Oct 2, 2018 by ZIMY
I really need someone to talk to. Skype me


WpwSers196 16 min ago
if you need to tal about issues you are having in real life I have a degree in therapy i wont even charge you anything. but i really do wish you would have a good day, it's the best thing to do is have a good day! why let something ruin a perfect day
Sent by zakisaboss,Oct 2, 2018
Hey ik we don't know eachother much but whatever ur going through sending you love and streagth!! <3 Not really equipped for advice but mail is always open if you wanna vent to someone.
Sent by greyconverse,Oct 2, 2018
I can but I’m not on Skype! U can pm me for my phone Skype if u wish though
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Oct 2, 2018

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