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  1. Who edited my hair design lol
  2. HEY!!!
  3. I think
  4. Hmmm...
  5. Love my new puppy!
  6. Some of you still play here???
  7. Stopped in to say
  8. Finally 500 gifts!
  9. HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Who can talk to me?
  11. Hello all!
  12. As I look back...
  13. I ❤ My Boyfriend!
  14. Updated my profile
  15. Hey!!
  16. Love the feeling
  17. Its ok to use designs
  18. What is T
  19. Who wants to buy my T?
  20. Hey Everyone!!
  21. Anyone want to buy
  22. Why Does Tengaged
  23. Las Vegas!!!!
  24. The HOH is such a tool
  25. My avi needs a tan...
  26. #Dead #forgottenNow
  27. The collage brings back...
  28. Hey Everyone ^_^
  29. Oh look who it is...
  30. What hurts the most.....
  31. Saved up again :D
  32. I reallly like this avi :D
  33. Happy birthday to me!!!!
  34. My Sandy Cheeks
  35. Who wants...
  36. How Is This Look...
  37. My 489 Gifts is bugging me..
  38. I Joined Tengaged...
  39. ITS ME!!!
  40. Who is ready for Christmas?

As I look back...

Apr 10, 2018 by ZIMY
On this site. I wonder why people stay and feed into all the drama on here. Kinda glad I drifted away and I am living my life instead of feeding into unnecessary drama. I just cant figure out how drama can make anyone happy about their lives.


Girl, tea. U’ve been offline for like 2 yrs and people have managed to drag u into a 10-blog drama war. Smh. People on here need to relax.
Sent by Maybelline,Apr 10, 2018
Miss you
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Apr 10, 2018

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