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ZIMY etc...

Aug 7, 2013 by ZIMY
✔ White [12/18/09]--------✔ Blue [3/23/10]----------✔ Silver [9/2/10]
✔ Yellow [1/7/10]-----------✔ Purple [4/11/10]-------✔ Gold [11/23/10]
✔ Orange [1/19/10]---------✔ Red [4/18/10]----------✔ Sky [1/14/11]
✔ Light green [2/9/10]-----✔ Brown [5/13/10]-------✔ Blood [3/9/11]
✔ Green [3/10/10]----------✔ Black [6/13/10]---------✔ TV star [5/31/11]

✹Designs [552]------------✹Best Ranking [52nd]------✹Designs Into Auction [79][PP Lips]
✹Shops [10]-----------------✹Fashionista [8]

BFF -✹Mrkkkkyle✹---------------Wife -✹Natalyaxo✹------Neighbor -✹TheSexiestDude990✹
Husband -✹RoughNightBro✹----Lez Lover -✹Jallina15✹------Twin Sister -✹Vessa✹
Boyfriend -✹alireza1373✹-------Girlfriend -✹Minie✹----------Twin Brother -✹Tinydancer✹
Italian Husband -✹Lucinda✹----Sister -✹Ntakhar12✹------------Incest Sister -✹Foxox✹
Gay Husband -✹Lovergurl✹-----Brother -✹LexiVazquez✹--------Doggy -✹jHe_07✹
Gay Boyfriend -✹Tigger✹--------Part-Time Lover -✹Dexterie✹---Kitty -✹Illyriaa✹
Bi Boyfriend -✹Samhuss✹---------Slave -✹Mozues✹--------------Attorney -✹Vixanu✹

"ur the bestest drunky/party animal i ever knew"~vh1luvr15

"if i werent gay, ud be mine"~Ry-Boo

"well your lots of fun to talk to because you always make me laugh and your a great person :D and you made me breakfast ;D"~Rhino


"Zimy - A brilliant artist, the only thing better than her drawings is her personality"~Lindz

"I love you. :O
You're good at giving advice and I'm always here to give you advice hun. ♥"~Mysteriousness

"ZIMY: Look up the word "awesome" in the Dictionary.... her picture will be there... She has all the qualities you want in a best friend.... I'm so proud to be one of her many friends....and glad to call her one of mine... You know I love you , girl... ♥♥♥♥♥"~Gemini

"zimy-So sweet.. legit.. one of the sweetest girls on here. Sorry u didnt win my bff game.. but i still think the world of you ♥ I wish you would have won your stars.. because i rly wanted you too.. but 2nd is still better than anything i can get lmao. Ill never forget that nice girl we call zimy ;)"~JordanLloydfan

"Zimy - You're definitely one of those girls that has it all - The Brains, The Looks, and the Humor. You can tell it in the picture and from all your little dancing videos and blogs, haha."~MinsiKid

"Zimy is a awesome person. She is nice and funny and if she asks you to do something even if it is crazy you do it for here. She is one of the girls on tengaged that is real and that is why she is a awesome friend. RUNNER LUVS YOU"~Runner430

"ok here is a song for you then Zim zimma who took the keys to ma beema!!"~vatcheabs

"ZIMY's like a hot little potato with butter and sour cream spread all over it. Mmmm....potato."
"ZIMY's a hot drunk SEXY BITCH. 'Nuff said."~TheEternalGX

"You seem like one fierce bitch; I want to get to know you. ;) Johneh loves ZIMY. ;D"~Johneh

"ZIMY ~ Unlike some girls on this site, you genuinely seem really down to earth and real. I like how you're kinda different. And I remember your appearence in the latest newbie stars. Which I should have been in ... :@"~Loowis

"ZIMY ♥ YOU are a beast in challenges i have to get that in there :P honestly one of the most genuine people i have met since i joined this site! you have a sincerity about you which i love :D"~rippyroo

"Zimy - You take such cute pictures of yourself. You're very attractive. Not to mention you have a sweet personality to accompany that. ♥"~Keyston

"ZIMY - AMG ZimZimZimZimZim. Part of the reason why stars was so awesome.. one of my partners in crime. ^_^ We had such funny calls. YOUR SINGING IS SO "BEAUTIFUL". And you created some funny moments. Like: you- "I like girls." Kels- "ME TOO.. oshit amg I didn't mean that I'm a sorority sister I try to relate to people". Zimy-"I was jking.." Jason&I: "Awkward.." *We all start laughing*. You're so friendly and well-liked.. and I'M YOUR ROOKIES STALKER. ^__^"~Pinacolada

"by heyitsmaggee 0 min ago
im so sorry you guys. i have to use veto on zimy. she's my sunshine.. my only sunshine."~heyitsmaggee

"ZIMY? the one who taught me about a blowing instrument or w.e it was lmfaoooo :X? the one who didnt judge me just by how she saw me act, and waited to get to know how i really am? the one who became a good friend after only like a few days? yea i know her why whatttt uppppppppppp?"~lala303

"we met and became bffs immediately, ur incredible, and always there for me. Make sure to keep in touch, its been an incredible ride, id have left ages ago if it wasnt for people like you. Its been a great journey, hope all your dreams in tengaged and rl come true, its been amazing, somehow we will stay just as close as before i left. Gooodbye :) have a great life, im not good at goodbyes this is long for me xD"~Crazy342

"Zimy: My favorite memory will be when a GORGEOUS lady makes me a sign ;) You are so beautiful inside and out. You have a sparkling personality. The only problem is that we don't talk alot :/ I would LOVE to get to know you better, as I've heard nothing but outstanding things about you. I'm just uber if you'd like to start, lol :P"~Keyston

"you're very great on tengaged and a inspiration"~drupayneis

"Jenna girl--I WANT MO VODKA! Before you joined ETNAL i'd always heard wonderful things about ya and always saw you being nice on ur blogs, oh and makin babies with Rhino :O. I'm glad we finally got the chance to talk, you're a great fran and ally to have. Oh and your even more amazin on vodka :P"~2008girl

"[12/15/2010 11:20:45 PM] Mr. Amazing: ZIMY
[12/15/2010 11:20:46 PM] Mr. Amazing: WILL
[12/15/2010 11:20:49 PM] Mr. Amazing: U MARRY
[12/15/2010 11:20:51 PM] Mr. Amazing: ME"

"Zimy ♥♥♥ I remember meeting you in stars and i just loved u. Me/u/kels/and Alexa ran Stars and we got our 1/2/3/4 Spot xD. YOu a great person and im glad i have you as a friend. And also te random hearts u send out to me Are just remindes of how you such a sweet person ♥"~jtotalturtle

"Jenna ♥...I remember meeting you, Kels and Alexa in that survivor right after you three got done with your stars. We had so many awesome moments. To this day we are still good friends and I feel so comfortable with you that I can tell you personal things and know you will never judge me. You are truely a great person and I can't wait to make more memories with you ♥"~khart92

"zimy your one crazy gurl who is fun to be around and talk to late at night"~meduncan

"Your beautiful sweet hilarious and just an overall amazing person.. I love you ♥"~TheSneakFromManc

"youre such a cute little girl. like id squeeze the shit out of you if i saw you today.
:) thats how bad i wanna hug you :P"~sw33t

"ZIMY – your personality is much like your face, absolutely beautiful. You’re totally sweet and always make time to talk to your mates on here which is important. I didn’t know how much of a good player you were til newbie stars which you did amazing in but I always claim I loved zimy way before that stars ♥ I remember winding you up on skype before calling you a farm girl and you thought I was serious and you starting telling me all the stuff in area you lived lol, ohh zimy, don’t ever leave me ♥ much love"~danny

"ZIMY:ZIMYlicious gurl you got me in a castings awhile back with your spamming powers @_@, you blow me out of the water with your abrupt kindness,and sincerity... people may think it's fake or what not but I like our little fun 1 on 1's as I think you're very funny and misunderstood. Lets plan a Karaoke night again shall we?"~Yoki

"Zimy - Well arent you just a cute little Miss Amazing. You are really fun to talk to and a great person to have around. I recall when you use to send me random hearts and I used to try to ignore you haha. But I would never do that now, I know you are a fantastic person, no matter what others say. You rock babe, truly!!"~jm101

"ZIMY - GURLLL PLZ. U know ur god damn fabulous :D! Ily beebie and always will ♥ Friends for life ;) xoxo"~LeXXXy

"zimy-- Iced Caramel Macchiato—You are a true classic. People know you, people love you. Those who haven’t tried you yet, should. :]"~heatherbear

Like-You're a fucking sweetheart, ily♥♥♥♥♥
Don't like-You STOLE Charming away from the gay community, we were slowly converting him to being homosexual but now you ruined all our plans :|. We'll have to find some-way to eliminate you..."~Danger

"Been meaning to write a blog about her, she's truly amazing, like the sweetest person I have ever met, and if you've met her you would agree :P
Zimy appreciation blog, cuz she deserves it"~Charming2010

"ZIMY: Lets see your T-Popular, nice, kind, a funny mean drunk. But at the end of the day your a unique person which I like. :)"~5651Omar

"Jenna- I. FREAKING. LOVE. YOU. GIRL. If I ever want a good smile I know I can find you to brighten up my day. There is something about you that makes you just so easy to relate to. ILY when you are drunk and I can see a bit of me in you. Which means you are probably the epitome of coolness just in a girls body ;D ILY!!!"~Mangos808

< 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333's my tengaged bff :) make me smile without even trying, cuz you're just so damn likable...i don't know if theres a single person who COULD hate you... you're nice, pretty, and fun to talk to :P"~snels66

"Zimy/Jenna: You mean SO much to me. You always managed to bring out the best in me.I love you when you are sad, I love you when you are crazy, I love you when you are drunk. But no matter what, you are one of my best friends here. And one of the best to have. We will always be friends and I hope that others can see the friendly person in you. If they don't, they are definitely missing out ♥"~Mangos808

"Zimy: Such a nice girl who trys not to step on too many peoples toes and somehow achieves it. Your a lovely girl and I hope some day you get your shop and get to compete because you truly deserve it:)"~ashy

"when i first came to tengaged, i just thought that it would be something fun to do that weekend i was bored. but 6 months on im still here. When i first joined, one of the first stars i remember was your newb ones. right then i thought you were so cool. i friended you :P and i read all your blogs and hoped that one day i would be lucky enough to get to be your friend. then a couple of months ago, your BFF game came along and of course i applied, when i got in i was so excited :P i had admired you from when i first joined, and was so happy. As the game went on i started to talk to you, and you were awseome. you have the best personality, lots of fun, but also caring and the best listener in the world if needed. so i want to try and return the favour. Jenna you are so great and funny and nice, and never judge anyone. i hope when i grow up to be half as awseome a person as you. Never think that no-ones there, because they are. Please never underestimate how much you mean to people, and how much of a change you make to people, especially me. I beleive now i am alot less judgmental, and sort of nicer :) and i have you to thank for that."~MintCokeify

"ZIMY - awww zimyy i was so sad when you left our tribe and i was fighting for you to stay so much :/ you didn't deserve to go 100% and you know that. I've never had any kind of bad words with you and we've never argued. I still love my 'zimy loves laura' sign =] You are a crazy drunk too and talk forever when you've had a drink on mic :P love you ♥"~Lonlee

"ZIMY – my drunk BFF :P ilysm even though you never join rookies with me :S ttyn to your eternal headache. Anyways, you are a player that I admire a lot and I’m very surprised we’re good friends now after I spent my noob days admiring players like you. I don’t think anyone would argue that you’re probz the nicest person on this site seeing as how your (gorgeous) pictures are everywhere supporting the most random ass people. I will for sure text you when I post this ROFL"~SD66

"ZIMY- Tengaged's true sweetheart. You are one of the nicest people on here. You do such nice things like send people random hearts in a pm. You're also an amazing designer, i love all your clothes. You should definitely join stars again soon I think you would get REALLY far because let's face it, you're like evil if you don't love Zimy. :)"~chameleoneyes

by iangavin 0 min ago

"ZIMY - For some reason, you want me to hate you...and I don't even know why! There's nothing you can do, get that through your head! It'll just end up making me laugh in the end :P But you're really nice, funny and an all-around sweetheart. Please don't change that about you ♥"~dav_o_79

*gets drunk and goes into the etnal call and sings to jess* lol no lol ive heard some funny stuff lol but u are a really nice person, i met u in a game a while back but we never really talked. Ur in etnal and i like etnal so ur obvi a really kool and nice person:) i think i first knew of u when u were in newb stars:P You were really kool:) anywyas on the site u are a nice person, very friendly and kind. U are also very talented at making designs which i think takes a really creative person to do. So ur really creative too:) Im glad people like u are on the site, people that are kind and bring a more positiveness to the site:) Ty for being on the site lol, and hopefully we can become better friends:P"~EmilyJones

"ZIMY - The first serious interaction that we had was when I was bored one night and I decided to call you on Skype... we had a conversation that actually was not awkward at all. I enjoyed it tons! You are very nice, it isn't a fake act that you put on like some people have said in the past. ;)"~finklestein123

"♥ZIMY- Aww you are one of the most nicest girls on this site, you have such a lovely and caring personality, you are also so pretty, You were one of the most nicest people to me when I was a noob and helped me get to where I am today, I love how you are not fake one little bit and how you bring happiness to tengaged, I just wish there were more people to talk to, Although we Don't talk that much, I trust you and I hope you know how highly I think of you! :) ♥♥"~MoooCoww

"Anyway, You are FANTASTICALS♥♥♥, One of Mai Favorite TV-Stars & You can give me an X-Ray Anyday"~Sterling1234

"ZIMY THE QUEEN OF TENGAGED. It was nice playing with u"~Ashu_2002

"even I can admit that ur anything but fake"~DinoM

"you smell funny but ily anyway :P"~Survivor8

"your amazing.end of story"~hello555

"I love Zimy. Even though she thinks i'm her stalker and I always talk about her, its because I wanna be like her and have lots of friends and lots of karma and lots of friends and lots of signs and lots of friends. heartchu bb"~realityfreek

"your invader zim and you sing a nice hymn. You always have a grin because you win. You heart is made of tin because someone put it in a bin. You drink a lot of gin so you always sin."~sprtsgy1989

"We played a fast castings together. You pretended to be a noob so you wouldn't get 15th. I don't really know you on a personal level but your avatar looks like an indian."~MickJagger

"Zimy: Mrs. Amazing, your personality is only reflected off your beauty, and you sure are beautiful so you know your personality is great. You're a wild child mixed with a bit of a flirtacious side to you, and I love talking to you especially when you're drunk. O and

Charming > dexterie > Mike D;"~Charming2010

"ZIMY: I wish I was straight because if I were I'd look up where Iowa is and move there to marry you. You are so amazingly sweet and deserve only the best in life and I know that's what you're going to get."~heyitsmaggee

"Jenna: One of the first ETNAL members I had the pleasure to meet. You are one giddy, interesting and entertaining girl. You have so much heart and always have some random fact to pull out of your pocket and bring a smile to my face. Please never stop being who you are! You see good where no one can find it and that's what made you so special when I met you. Never. Stop. Being. Entertaining. :*"~Mangos808

"Zucks she lives so far away
I LOVE her so much, that's all I can say
Might as well face it, I'm on my way
Yes, we will be together one day.

awwwwwwwwwww JENNA ♥" ~Realityfreek

"ZIMY - My x-ray technician friend! lol. I think it's kinda interesting and random that we're both going for x-ray tech. And i think we might be the only two on the website who are? You're such an amazing person. I think you're one of the most beautiful girls ever too. People can judge you all they want, but i think you're perfect just the way you are. At least you aren't ashamed to show yourself, unlike a great deal of people here. Just ignore the haters, and keep on smiling. (:"~Amartin

"You are very spankable"~Dexterie

"أنني أععشقك يا جينا(innani aa'shakuki ya jenna)"~Sexybanana

"Well what can I say? first off I'm a loving person, doesn't take much for me to love you but jenna you go beyond that. You make me smile everytime I talk to you, even when i think about you I get all fuzzy inside(although most of my thoughts are really dirty) idk it seems like you always know what to say when it comes to my problems. One of the few people I even open too(i keep alot bottled up inside me). If this isn't enough then idk"~DcSooner

"Yes, your all kinds of sexy ZIMY, anyone would be lucky to snuggle with you"~Zeptis

"zimy- one of the sweetest people ever! :D"~vh1luvr15

"you infect me with your craziness"~Dexterie

"Jenna my baby girl, Random convo's ; Getting drunk ; Sharing designs ; Cuddling ; Threesomes ; Inside Jokes ;  confessing our love for one another. I honestly couldn't ask for a better friend! I love you so much."~Manda17_xoxo

"So I love you so much and I love love love the hair you make and think you are an awesome designer and yes that was me kissing your ass for a gift. JENNA!! :* :* :* We are the most relevant fuckers on this site and you are so pretty and We just run this fucking hun tbh (: I love talking to you even though we only went on call once. I feel like if I ever met you IRL seriously we would still be best friends :p You are always so sweet and you dont really like that drama"~prince_charming

"ZIMY -I've always liked you, except when we were at war with each other in Stars. Other than that, I think you are a very impartial person, which is nice because I think a lot of people on here are very one-sided. You are a good designer too. :)"~Ryguy

"ZIMY Omg youre soooo gorgeous! We met like a while ago when i won your gift giveaway and you gifted me this hat (Which I love) and i think im wearing like a bunch of your designs. Youre my faveee designer< 3 but anyways youre like sooo nice and so pretty. Any guy would be so lucky to have you as their girlfriend."~Tharealmike

"[9:07:05 PM] Mrkkkkyle 4 Starz 203: I love this Group tbh. In here I met my current best friend and future lover Zimy(heart) (inlove)"~Mrkkkkyle

"#ZIMY – hey Zimy! Uhhh if I remember correctly, you a) make great designs, b) are extremely friendly, c) are pretty, and d) do something with X-Rays (so youre probably smart); all of which are really cool in my book. I’ve never thought a single bad thing about you, which is good (considering this is Tengaged so usually there’s something bad to be easily found in everyone), and everyone I know who has mentioned you has said you’re a really great person. Maybe we can get to know each other sometime ^_^"~Inkread

"ZIMY  :)))) - You are my best friend on this site no matter what happens.  I love you no matter what. "You are the hero, and I can be your sidekick" - Perfect two"~Mrkkkkyle

" are one of only two people who has stuck by me through anything and everything. No matter what drama there has been, no matter who was in your ear saying this or that, you always stood by me. You never questioned anything and you have always given me the benefit of the doubt. I know I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate our friendship, but I do and I can't thank you enough. You are one of the best friends I can ask for :) can't wait to see you on Friday! (Phone)"~chlltownofcourse

"Shoutout to #ZIMY:
You are my best friend, my lover(grin), and my future Gf:) You complete every part of me darling. You mean the world to me and I am so lucky to have you. I just want you to know that I love you. Hope you Easter has gone amazing. I will more than likely give you another shoutout before this game is over."~Mrkkkkyle

"Zimy - Well bitch, I feel as if people hate you for no reason when you're such a sweet person and your such a doll. I feel as if you're one of the few normal Tengagers, and I really like you."~LexiVazquez

"ZIMY You are honestly an amazing person. I loved playing stars with you and you are one of the most genuine people I have ever met. I really want to talk to you, I hope everything with the x-rays are going well and I really wanna play another stars with you."~Koolness234

you're my girl!!
our friendship goes beyond tengaged!
i can trust you with ANYTHING, and I know you feel the same about me!
you're stunning, and I wish I had your hair :@
we don't need boys boo! boys need uss ;p
loveu wifey-poo< 3"~natalyaxo

"Du bist großartig Jenna"~Funnehliner

"Zimy, I know that this is going to sound really stupid, But I sort of think of you as like "The Image Of Tengaged". You're outgoing, you own a PRETTY SUCCESFUL shop, you have amazing karma, you have SO MANY followers. Zimy, you're amazing. Just purely amazing. Sometime we should play a game together < 3 Zimy you rock. Add that to your page bizh c: < 3 You! Sam"~samnala

"ZIMY - Jennaaaaaaaaaaa, I love you so much for real! It's always sad to hear when you feel bad but I will always kinda "pray" (I dont believe in god lmfao) that you will get what you deserve :) Youre an amazing person, youre cute and youre so pretty, why cant some people see that wtf :S? ily ily ily ily ily"~Funnehliner

"by AlexDeGale 11 hours 22 min ago

"ZIMY - You are ETNAL's famed alcoholic. You are also known as being a great player and having an envious record. Being in ETNAL has boosted your exposure as well! You are the... TENGAGED LINDSAY LOHAN!"~Puma

"Im not going to gun after you because your a sweetheart , you sexy little sugar plum"~finster5

"we all do [Sent by konohavillage1,Dec 22, 2010]"

you're an awesome spammer, spamming my dead account via FB..(dull)"~jHe_07

"by trishytrash 14 hours 41 min ago

"[5:24:32 PM] ************: I've lived for nearly ** years and in that time, I've never seen a virgin, giving another virgin a sex talk"~Anonymous

"[6:41:47 PM] Jessica*2012girl ♥'s Eugene & Jordan: (rain)
[6:42:47 PM] ♫LoveLess ZIMY♫: JESS IS WET!!!!!!!!!!!!
[6:43:18 PM] Jessica*2012girl ♥'s Eugene & Jordan: (thunder roars from ma thighs)
[6:43:20 PM] Jessica*2012girl ♥'s Eugene & Jordan: (rain)"

"ZIMY - how i first thought of your name is soo not like you because like you are so pretty and nice but your name reminds me of like light sabers from stars wars or something. ZIM! ZIM!"~Danny

"by dools 16 min ago
    im sucha victim

    zimy help me"

by ZIMY 0 min ago
by Jenika 0 min ago
by ZIMY 0 min ago
ya we are mo
by DCSooner 0 min ago
i aint that pressed lol
by Jenika 1 min ago
we da bait
by ZIMY 1 min ago
vann is pressed about Jenna's

":| you are weirder than a subway sandwich dipped in hot fudge"~DcSooner

"shut up and eat your fucking muffin"~Jenika

"LOL we can be tranfestite lovers :P"~Peetah32

"ignore them they wouldnt know what fake was even if baarbie came up and bitched slapped them :D"~SP4RROW

"[10/22/12 7:31:44 PM] Cory: i was gonna send you the flower emoticon on skype to cheer you up, but you dont like flowers so i sent you a cell phone lol
[10/22/12 7:36:13 PM] ヅ ZIMY: LMAO
[10/22/12 7:36:21 PM] ヅ ZIMY: that is the cutest thing uve said to me"~chlltownofcourse

"[6:41:53 PM] Tigress ZIMY: i never said you were cancer today
[6:41:57 PM] clair2132: i feel like cancer
[6:42:21 PM] Tigress ZIMY: you are cancer in my heart (h)"~Clair2132

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Love you bb
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