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  1. Going to work!
  2. Since Im being threatened [GIF]
  3. 13
  4. Lmfaooo [GIF] TARAG CALL ME OLD
  5. Jealousy may be Ugly
  6. You asked for Proof Ms.TaraG OldHag
  7. Imagine being called a retard
  9. ADMIN is a MAN!!
  10. I call my dick "Bully"
  11. LMFAOO
  12. Since Im not a pussy
  13. Oh Im sure LOL Totally!
  14. Please take Offense to this
  15. Seriously what idiot
  16. *inserts eyeroll emoji*
  17. LMFAO Favortism at it's finest
  18. You are a fucking Sociopath
  19. My feelings are HURT
  20. Thinks of the time
  21. Oh honey, they are
  23. Awks
  24. Idgi
  25. Good Luckkkk!
  26. I like men now
  27. Admin is really going to be Oprah
  28. Zachbbs and Chic be like......
  29. Half of this site is about to
  30. At the end of the Day
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  32. Interesting
  33. LOL
  34. May the Odds be in your Favor
  35. Where in this blog does it seem
  36. can you SUM me
  37. Gotta Love Hunger
  39. Rj harrassing another user
  40. Finallly

If Im Perm Banned anytime soon

Sep 19, 2018 by YoundAndReckless
I'll return on my new account in 4 months called @hotterthanbengalboy

Bengalboy The name was suggested by some random tg noob I cant remember the username of. Lol. But still a good laugh and might have to consider it tbt

EDIT* AshelyMcDrama The Queen has spoken


It was me in my multi blog.
Sent by AshelyMcDrama,Sep 19, 2018
Sent by AshelyMcDrama,Sep 19, 2018
oh rip
Sent by Etienne,Sep 19, 2018

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