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  1. Why is everything priced above $500T?
  2. 1 more to Fill Hunger
  3. ItsOfficial's Blog Survivor Series -
  4. sponsor me rows fam
  5. This has me so weakkk LMFAO
  6. Guess what Mr UnderwearJim
  7. Wow :C
  8. Quick! I have 5 minutes!
  9. Quick! I have 5 minutes!
  10. Gift me the last iScotty sweater
  11. Wtf dumb hoes
  12. Why was this ignored? It's Golden!
  13. Me @ refusing to play a game without a premade
  14. I'm almost certain
  15. When he offers nudes
  16. King making Tengaged Great again
  17. Talk is Overrated <3
  18. Omg this is soooo LATEEE
  19. Happy Birthday Fag!
  20. Join Hunger with me :s
  21. pedo
  22. RJ be like..... Episode 1
  23. When Ween
  24. I <3 you
  25. I fucking Love her!
  26. I missed you so much :(
  27. Can I pretty please
  28. I know exactly what this Bitch
  29. I've never met
  30. Help! Has anyone heard?
  31. GIFT PRIZE! Survivor Marquesas Season 2..
  32. LOL
  33. I am also Back from the Gym
  34. Why did I get rage negged?
  35. When he offers nudes
  36. It's been a long time
  37. Gaiaphagee - Stoner D.
  38. BluJay112 - Nick M.
  39. yinzer149 - Leo S.
  40. Kaseyhope101 - Kasey H.

GIFT PRIZE! Survivor Marquesas Season 2 Applications -

Feb 8, 2018 by YoundAndReckless
image[PIC] ItsOfficial's Survivor Marquesas Gen 2 S2(19)

ItsOfficial's Survivor Series has witnessed 223 different Castaways compete in the game of Survivor over a span of 18 seasons. After a mild hiatus. We are back and looking for a NEW GENERATION to play the game. Apply for the 19th Installment of this Series today!

ANYONE may apply with the EXCEPTION of those who participated in Survivor Indonesia!

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