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  1. @Stars Cast
  2. My speech Impediment is Sexy
  3. Bye Byeee David
  4. Your skype Pic
  5. Since I enjoy slapping guys around
  6. Who dumped who?
  7. 1 sponsor remains
  8. why is no1 sponsoring me
  9. lmfao
  10. Why is Christopher Stoner
  12. Only way I'd ever go Gay
  13. How the Hell
  14. Hooked up with the Hottest Guy
  15. Am I a Hero or Villain?
  16. Not to rain on
  17. He wants to Fuck Me
  18. Just reported
  19. LMAO
  20. Giving out Free Trends
  21. What the Hell
  22. Was going to randomly apply
  23. Omg RIP
  24. 2 users just got BANNED
  25. You Meth
  26. Join Hunger Fam
  27. Join Hunger
  28. Shady
  30. Will leak
  31. I've been looking through
  32. Can Hunger Fill
  33. Join Hunger
  34. Me @ all the Bannings
  35. I want to shower my Kids
  36. See you all in 7 days
  37. I remember the time
  38. 4 more to fill Hunger
  39. Nice nose 馃ぁ Clown
  40. Gift me black male hair bitch

GIFT PRIZE! Survivor Marquesas Season 2 Applications -

Feb 8, 2018 by YoundAndReckless
image[PIC] ItsOfficial's Survivor Marquesas Gen 2 S2(19)

ItsOfficial's Survivor Series has witnessed 223 different Castaways compete in the game of Survivor over a span of 18 seasons. After a mild hiatus. We are back and looking for a NEW GENERATION to play the game. Apply for the 19th Installment of this Series today!

ANYONE may apply with the EXCEPTION of those who participated in Survivor Indonesia!

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