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  1. Hellooo Tengays and farewell for now :)
  2. Mood
  3. Totally Mutual Feeling
  4. Day 3 of being Immortal
  5. Inserts New York gif
  6. 20 minutes past midnight and
  7. Puts penis on tyler
  8. 13 inches bay BAYYY
  9. Ok so I kpelled my
  10. In bed with the bottle open
  11. Tribe Sex Chat...or Soko?
  12. Im an asshole, I'm aware of it
  13. LMFAO
  14. Join Hunger
  15. you talking about your bottom?
  16. +2 Hunger
  17. Puts penis on Bryce
  18. 9 m谩s por Hambre
  19. currently letting life get the best of me
  20. 馃槶
  21. It's -55 in Minnesota
  22. So huge MOOD
  23. BRB jumping off a cliff
  24. No title
  25. LOL
  27. when he admits to not hitting puberty yet
  28. nice bush
  29. My sis Josh with the Honest-tea
  30. Everytime I read one of dangers blogs
  31. I adore ignoring semajdude's
  33. Nice stomach chump!
  34. I just douched, Can I top you?
  35. Just submitted my extensive report
  36. I wonder what the actual thought was
  37. Another Question
  38. what is Grindr and why do you
  39. LOL sobbing irl
  40. If posting real names is bannable

GIFT PRIZE! Survivor Marquesas Season 2 Applications -

Feb 8, 2018 by YoundAndReckless
image[PIC] ItsOfficial's Survivor Marquesas Gen 2 S2(19)

ItsOfficial's Survivor Series has witnessed 223 different Castaways compete in the game of Survivor over a span of 18 seasons. After a mild hiatus. We are back and looking for a NEW GENERATION to play the game. Apply for the 19th Installment of this Series today!

ANYONE may apply with the EXCEPTION of those who participated in Survivor Indonesia!

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